Baha’ism strategy to enter into Education Ministry

چهارشنبه, 25 مهر 1397 04:55 نوشته شده توسط  اندازه قلم کاهش اندازه قلم کاهش اندازه قلم افزایش اندازه قلم افزایش اندازه قلم


 One of the important domains paid attention seriously by the deviant cult of Baha’ism was education domain since The beginning of the Baha’is presence in the court of the first Pahlavi government especially extensive presence in the second Pahlavi court. For this reason, the Baha’is established masculine and schools by the name of “Tarbiyat”. According to Abdul Baha and Baha’i leaders ‘ orders, the Moody and etc. were selected to manage such schools.[1] These schools had formally related to America. The students were selected among the rich families or among the then military and political people in charge.

     Those who had educated in such schools had severe tendencies towards the west. It was obvious that they would preach Baha’ism and the American culture after being employed. Valiullah Loqmani has clearly stated in the Baha’i meeting in Shiraz according to SAVAK report: “We have been frankly ordered by America and London to advance fashion cloth, buildings and unveiling in this country.[2]

     The peak for this strategic strategy of the deviant cult of Baha’ism was the time when Education Ministry was totally managed by a Baha’i minister. Mrs. Farrokhrou Parsa tried hard to complete Baha’i structures in infants and teenagers to expand the influence of the deviant cult of Baha’ism. Unfortunately, the second Pahlavi regime had left the Baha’is free to perform their plans because people such as Karim Ayadi and Saniee were existent in the first level of the government.

     The victory of the Islamic Revolution stopped their programs completely. The Baha’is became silent for a period of time and tried to turn against Baha’ism in the press. Ten years after the victory of Islamic Revolution, The Baha’i organization of Iran tried to be rebuilt and active. During this period of time, Education and educational domains were emphasized. This time, the nursery schools were paid attention by the Baha’i agents and proselytizers.

     Of course, the present conditions was basically different from the Pahlavi regime’s period of time. The new regulations and rules weren’t allowing the Baha’is to be definitely active. However, the Baha’is misused the opportunities to address infants and teenagers; but they were confronted by the Islamic system.

     The most important confrontation of the deviant cult of Baha’ism for repairing and rebuilding the organization WAS “Ruhi plan”. The plan was going to proselytize for Baha’ism by any possible means. The most important domains for their activities were the face to face proselytizing and trying to be influential in educational space of the country particularly the nursery schools. These struggles were identified and destroyed by the security systems.

     Now, nearly four decades after the Islamic Revolution, it has been reported that the Baha’ism cult heads are trying to continue their destructive measures against the Islamic Iranian culture

     Contrary to the enemies’ imaginations, the deviant cult of Baha’ism like other subgroups and cults, armed or unarmed, hasn’t basically had any position inside the Iranian land territory and it is hateful due to crimes and tyrannies against the Iranian Muslims people.


[1] Abdullah Shahbazi, the Iranian contemporary history periodical, No: 50, pp. 67-69.

[2] Ruhullah Husseinian, three years campaign against the Shiite source of religious authority, the center for the documents of Islamic Revolution, 1390, p. 441.


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