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The honor of kissing a little Baha'i boy’s feet

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\"بهائیت bahaismiran.com:Mohammad Nouri Zadeh, counter-revolution Movie Maker and a bankrupt director who is only seeking for doing some  actions that make him be taken into consideration during the recent months,  has written about “the honor of kissing a little boy’s feet” in his personal site.   According to Ferqeh news quoted from bulletin news, Nouri Zadeh has claimed in the beginning of its entry: \"I went to see a small Baha’i family today. By the word small I mean: There are a grandmother and a 4-year-old grandchild in this family. I seated \"Artin\", the same 4-year-old son, on an armchair and kissed his little feet. I stared his eyes and begged him painfully to spit at me as a Shiite person and slap.   As if Nouri Zadeh has forgotten that he has been famous by using the capacities of this regime and has become wealthy via this way by enormous budget and making low quality works!   Nouri zadeh’s Recent measures show that the severe depression of the remains of the sedition 88 has become more and dangerous.   These measures indicate his distressed feelings and it is better for Nouri zadeh to be taken to an experienced psychologist by his friends and family.
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