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Spider network for supporting Baha’ism

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\"بهائیت bahaismiran.com:Spider network became active to ask the elected President for anti-revolutionary demands.According to Ferqeh news, this network includes chain journalists (who were often runaway and some were residents of Iran), some of the members of the American colonial party of Baha’ism, some members of the broken up Mosharekat party, and some of the runaway cliquish elements who were active in Green sedition. Two groups of the affiliates to the network that are often active in virtual space have recently posed  counter-revolution currents’  demands and asked for  separating  security shade from the media activities by signing two letters under the heading “journalists” and “social and political activists and human rights”. They have also asked for the Journalists Association- which had been changed into a support center for  enemy press bases during  reform  periods- to be recovered.In one of these letters, it was claimed that there is a discrimination against religious minorities, that it should be removed. It has been added that the religious minority means Baha’ism Zionist party (British manmade cult)! It is predicted that releasing such chain letters to exert pressure on the new president will also be excessive in the future while the security criminals are punished and restricted in every country.Some media such as the Highest, Gouya news, Rozent, Jaras, Kalameh and… have been taken possession by the Spider network or they support this network.
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