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A Festival Based Upon Killing 500 Thousand Iranian People!

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\"بهائیت Bahaismiran.com: How much do you knew about Purim celebration? Where and against whom did the Jewish people executed the real holocaust? Do you know about the massacre of dozens of Iranian people by the Jewish? Is the day “13th of Farvardin” and exiting houses originated from the ancient Iranian massacres?

A Festival Based Upon Killing 500 Thousand Iranian People!

Purim celebration: The Jewish dancing for Iranian Holocaust

Bahaismiran: How much do you knew about Purim celebration? Where and against whom did the Jewish people executed the real holocaust? Do you know about the massacre of dozens of Iranian people by the Jewish? Is the day “13th of Farvardin” and exiting houses originated from the ancient Iranian massacres?

Purim, (Hebrew: “Lots”) or feast of Lots is one of the ancient customs of the Jewish tribe which has become different during the recent decades after forming the forged Israeli regime in the occupied lands. This so-called festival which is held in coincident with the 13th of Farvardin according to solar calendar; in fact, it is a dancing on the blood of tens of thousands of Iranian people. Who were killed by the plans of two Jewish people penetrating in the court of the king Ahasuerus.

Netanyahu in Purim Festival-1999

In the book old Testament it is written that: “At the end of 180-day festival, the king of Iran who was overdrunk called the Queen Veshty to show her off. The Queen rejected this rude of the king. The king became furious and ordered the executioner to kill her.

At that time, the Jewish people who were influential all over Iran were too bold not to pay tax and lavish. This action made Haman the king Ahasuerus’s chief minister revolt against them and bring them to pay or even kill them. Of course, the Jewish say in some of their books: “Mordecai who was the religious header of the Jewish in Ahasureus era and his followers were disfavored and threatened to death by Haman who he didn’t obey Haman.

The Jewish who were influential in the king court unofficially, found an opportunity and introduced a Jewish girl called Esther to the king as the Queen of the country and they advised her to hide this fact that she was Jewish.

Esther, the Jewish girl penetrated in the king Ahuasuerus’s court and provided the first steps of killing Iranian people.

The legitimate whoring in Judaism

In 2010, a Jewish rabbi in Israel announced pointing out the Purim event: The female spies of Mossad intelligent service are allowed to have all kinds of Sexual intercourse with enemies to do their missions; as Esther hid her Jewish identity and get married with an Iranian enemy; that is, Ahasuerus (Xerxes) and saved the Jewish peoples by doing this action.

This was one the most successful operation of penetrating female spies into other countries’ officials. They executed and execute the Jewish tribe’s plans using their beauty and sexual attractiveness.

The characterless king became fond of her and appointed her as the Queen of all the Iranian being unaware of this issue that she was Jewish or she was Mordecai’s, the religious leader of the Jewish of Iran, nephew. Esther became the Queen of Iran and executed Haman the chief minister of the king Ahasuerus and his 10 sons.

Esther prepared a dinner party for Haman in the presence of the king Ahasuerus

In this party Esther asked for punishing Haman due to his enmity with the Jewish

Painter: Jean Victor, 17th century

The Jewish dominated the Achaemenid court and; of course, they have written in their books that Haman has repented in the presence of Mordecai and the other histories have testified that he has been murdered by the Jewish. When the Jewish dominated the Iranian cities received a grace period of three days to kill the Jewish Persian and Iranian opponents an during these three days more than 77000 Iranian people were killed by the Jewish and in some narrative 500 thousand people who were killed has reported.

From that time till now, this day is survived as “the Jewish feast” and every year, the Jewish the world all over cherish this day by holding various ceremonies such as fasting, dancing, drinking excessively, giving gifts to each other…

Purim feast-2012- Tel Aviv

But Purim is different in the occupied lands which is explained in details later.

The historical Incident – Iranian Holocaust by the Jewish

At the king Xerxes’s period of time the Jewish were of Iranian religious minority and were continually trying to penetrate into Iran’s king court. Haman who was the chief minister of Xerxes became concerned about the Jewish due to their disobedience and not paying tax; so he informed the king regarding their plans. He asked the king to confront and contrast against this tribe before they plan against the king.

Mordecai, the Jewish leader of that time sent one of the Jewish girls to the court to be replaced by the Iranian Queen who rejected the king’s order concerning showing her beauty off for the audience.

Mordecai and Esther

Portraitist: Arendt Di Golder (17th century)

By Entering Esther, the young pretty Jewish girl to the Iranian court, Mordecai executed his fateful and ominous plans through Esther and alluring the king. Haman made the king aware of his plans and the king ordered Mordecai to be executed. But Esther had extremely dominated on the king. She pretended Haman to be traitor and wanted to kill the king. Haman was hanged up.

Veshti, the Iranian Queen

Veshti rejected the king’s order; so she was killed by the executioner

Portraitist: Edvin long (19th century)

Esther and Mordecai’s plans didn’t end in Hama’s murder. They made the king issue an order for the killing of Haman’s ten sons and later, Haman’s ten sons were murdered.

After the murdered of Haman and his 10 sons, Esther and Mordecai weren’t satisfied; so their deadbodies were executed in the city in order for the Iranian people to be terrified of the consequence of enmity against the Jewish. This was the extreme enmity of the Jewish against the Iranian.

Except for 10 sons, Haman had a daughter who committed suicide.

The murder of half of Iranian population

After Haman murder, the Jewish emigrants who had entered into the Iranian court attacked the Iranian cities and did a public massacre. During 2 days they killed 77000 Iranian people in 127 provinces of Iran – or 500 thousand according to the other narrative. They confess killing 80 thousand Iranian people in the Jewish books including the book “Esther”. But the independent researchers have mentioned 500 thousand.

Iran people

At that time, Iran’s population was 800 thousand. That is more half of Iranian population were killed by the Jewish.

An attack to Palestinian people and plundering their properties

Massacre and plundering the properties are originated from Esther’s teachings and the Jewish history

Attacking to Iranian houses, the Jewish killed men, women, and the kids and according to some existing documents, they plundered their properties. But the Jewish people and they have denied the plundering their properties … !!

Now the question is that: “Is Purim related to 13th of Farvardin of Iran?”

It’s said that the massacre has happened in 13th and 14th of Adar, the first month of the year and the second day was continued via Esther’s insistence to kill the enemies of the Jewish tribe. According to the historical texts the ominousness of 13th of Farvardin to Iranian people is originated from the historical massacre of Iranian people.

After the massacre, the Jewish celebrated the event and danced and announced it as a feast to cherish and thank for the dominance over Iranian people and shedding blood of the Jewish enemies and they fasted. Mordecai became the prophet of the tribe and Esther – the corrupt Jewish girl who penetrated into the Iranian court via this way- became a holy character was under God’s mercy. After that event, Esther wrote a book and favor. This book has become the Jewish holy book, now.

Esther and Mordecai’s tomb in Hamadan city

Purim means “Lot” and according to the Jewish this has been the divine fate and a lot from the Lord to have mercy on the favorite tribe of Judaism and the destruction of its enemies.

Purim, the feast for all the Jewish across the world

Unfortunately, some of these photos are related to the Jewish Iranian celebration in America.

Purim is one of the Jewish’s important feats across the world. The Jewish celebrate these two days by different methods from the occupied lands to America and even the Jewish living in Iran.

The light point of these festivals are held in Israel where the Zionists drink to dipsomania that is one of their usual customs.

The Jewish rabbis hold a special ceremonies in these festivals. The Zionist rabbis compete drinking wine and dancing holding a celebration. They usually overdo drinking wine in this day to such an extent that can’t walk and they fall on the streets of Tel Aviv and other occupied lands unconsciously.

In Talmud teachings of the Jewish it is clearly and explicitly recommended in one of the chapters: “A person is obligated to drink on Purim until he doesn’t know the difference between “Cursed to Haman” and “blessed to Mordecai.”

Israeli kids in Purim celebration 2012 – Jerusalem

One of the other ceremonies held in Purim feast is Zombie march in Israel. In the march, the Zionists make up him/herself in the form of Zombies- the cannibals- hold the artificial members of human body with their teeth as a sign of vengeance a massacre of the Iranian.

The following photos are some publishable ones:

Drinking blood or a drink resemble to blood as a sign of vengeance of the Jewish against the Iranian are of the Jewish customs in this day.

Purim in Los Angeles: The dancing of the Iranian honoring the Holocaust of their fellow citizens:

Unfortunately, the Iranian who are following the Jewish religion celebrate this day in different parts of the world without paying attention to the historical origin of the incident and the Iranian’s massacre and this fact that commemorating this event is an insult with the Iranian.

The nithya synagogue is a location of the Iranian residing in America who are about 20 thousand people. The nithya synagogue is a place which celebrated Purim festival and the Iranian gather there cooking sweet, providing wine a offering gifts to each other.

Burning Haman and Haman’s ear cookie are signs of rapacity of the Jewish sect:

One of the other ceremonies held in this day is “burning Haman” ceremony. They consider Haman and his ten sons as the symbols enmities of the Jewish sect and they make a symbol of the chief minister of Xerxes fire in a ceremony. The Jewish also celebrate the execution of the Iranian minister by cooking a sweet called “Haman’s ear”.

A kind of sweet called “Haman’s ear”

The sweet paste is made by opium poppy seeds. Filling by jam or plum. The Jewish eat this kind of sweet commemorating the Iranian massacre signing scornful songs about the Iranian and the Iranian chief minister.

Purim in Iran:

The Jewish inside Iran fast and cook food to celebrate this day.

EEsther and Mordecai tomb in Hamadan city is of the Jewish place of worship and they were celebrating there for years; but the people opposed them because they believe that those festivals were scornful.

Esther and Mordecai tomb in Hamadan cityo:p>

After pretesting the name “place of worship was omitted. After al- Aqsa mosque, Esther and Mordecai tomb is the second holy place according to this sect. Netanyahu pro

Netanyahu promised the Iranian people about another Purim:

By emerging the ominous Zionism event, Purim has become a political issue and the heads of the Zionist regime threaten Iran and the Iranian to repeat the similar massacre by pointing out that incident.

On March, 7th NNetanyahu gave Obama the book of Esther as a gift. Esther book is one of the parts of the Old Testament and this gift was so important historically.

Netanyahu gives Obama the book of Esther as a gifto:p>

Reuters news service narrates from an Israeli official: Netanyahu has told Obama that: “They (the Iranian) wanted to destroy us at that time.” It is written in one of captures of the book:

“… and the Jewish defeated all their enemies with sword and massacre and they did what their enemies were doing with them.” According to Reuters, Netanyahu has likened Iran to the Nazi ironically and claimed they have killed 6 million Jewish people in World War II.

2500 years of menace and massacre:

The menaces of Israeli officials, giving the book Esther to Obama at the time of negotiation about Iran, threating to attack to Iran raising the excuse that Iran is going to achieve the muss destruction weapons against the Jewish … are reminding us about Esther and Mordecai’s plans against the Iranian.













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