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Human Rights in Iran

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\"بهائیت Bahaismiran.com: On April 6, 2014, Javad Larijani, Head of the Iranian Judiciary’s Human Rights Council, admitted Baha’is in Iran are entitled to full and equal constitutional rights. Due to international attention to the situation of human rights in Iran, Javad Larijani made a  statement to the domestic media, acknowledging Baha’is are entitled to equal rights under the constitution. Addressing the foreign audiences, Javad Larijani claimed that the persecution and prosecution of Baha’is is not due to their faith and that Baha’i students are not barred from access to higher education. In an interview with the Iranian Labor News Agency (ILNA), Larijani said: “The authorities never target Baha’is just because they are followers of this faith, because according to the Constitution, all Iranian citizens are entitled to certain rights and cannot be deprived of rights stipulated in the constitution.”
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