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The destruction of Muslims (Andalus) undercover by preaching sedition + photos

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\"بهائیت Bahaismiran.com: Maybe it will be interesting for you to know what there is behind hundreds of Persian satellite nets and extensive advertisements against Islam and the Islamic Republic and preaching sedition, fornication, music, tendency towards luxury and consumption?!!

The destruction of Muslims (Andalus) undercover by preaching sedition + photos

Maybe it will be interesting for you to know what there is behind hundreds of Persian satellite nets and extensive advertisements against Islam and the Islamic Republic and preaching sedition, fornication, music, tendency towards luxury and consumption?!!

Maybe it will be fascinating for you to know what there is behind the great economic sedition in the Islamic country?!!

Maybe it’ll be interesting for you to know what there is behind the current differences among people in charge of the country and creating right and let wings?!!

And maybe it’ll fascinating for you to know what there is behind the increasing number of religious differences among Muslims (specially Shiite and Sunnite) and he secret support of violence and crimes by Takfiri movements in the Muslim world?!!

So, let’s turn over the history book!! To know and become familiar Andalus:

In 711 A.D. a group of Muslims led by Tariq-ibn-Ziyad (refer to Jabal-al-Tariq) could conquer a great part of Spain which is called Andalus by Arabs. They selected the city “Cordoba” as their capital city.

The dominance of Muslim over Andalus overturned 8 centuries later i.e : 1491 A.D.

Andalus was famous for its palaces, ancient mosques and gardens memorizing the Islamic civilization during Muslim government on this land.

Andalus was a region in Europe where the people accepted Islam and it was a question for other regions in Europe to know how they can know people of Andalus.

A person who had lived in Spain said some signs of Muslims:

1) White and bright teeth (because of brushing teeth. At that time, the European didn’t know what it was???!)

2) While and fragrant clothes …

3) There is a room in their house where wash themselves!

Now pay attention to the services of Islam to Europeans!

But the important question is that how the Muslim government (Andalus) overturn in Spain?

The European Christians turned to the cultural invasion and campaign against the theological and moral beliefs of Muslims. The following are their measures:

Drawing up of a peace contract

Some previlages were given to Christians:

1) Religious freedom

2) Education freedom

3) The development of commercial relationships

The enemy misused these opportunities and installed direct relationship with Mu

The pretty Christian girls’ mission!!

Pay attention everybody!!

The Christian train the youth using freedom of Education and establish places for their entertainment in order for the Christian girls to entertain the Muslim youth by poem and alcoholic liquors!

The pretty European girls were ravishing Muslim youth’s hearts everywhere and finished their mission carefully; consequently the Muslim youth stayed at the corner of inns (such as mixed and nightly parties today) where was a rendezvous of European girls!

Nowadays their physical presence isn’t needed because their films and photos are sent for us through satellite waves!!

The current Christians have pointed and stressed two important issues: 1- our zeal and 2- our chastity to unveil our women and deviate our men.

Alcoholic liquors!

One of the important steps the Christian took in Andalus to destroy Muslim was to provide free alcoholic liquors for Muslim youth. One of Christian priest bought all the grapes of Cordoba (a city in Andalus) in advance and made alcoholic liquor and gave it to young and Muslim university students.

It is worthy to be paid attention by the youth:

The youth who are drinking alcoholic liquors humiliate their father’s method of life and assume them as uncivilized people.

Christian clothes:

Muslim took off their simple clothes which were indications of patience, tolerance and hardworking and wore self-indulgence one.


Just old men and women were going to mosque and the youth didn’t deal with prayer and going to masque.


Pleasure-seeking and sensuality were preached and competition over Luxury in life, clothes and building started; so people turned to embezzlement to workers had to work hard for rich people.

Civil war for a Christian girl:

Finally sensuality was intensified and “Mo’atasem ibn Samadeh” the governor of Elmira (one of the provinces of the Islamic country of Andalus) fell in love with a Christian girl; so he threatened his father. The girl sought asylum to Ashblyh (Seville) city (one of the other cities of Islamic country of Andalus) governor called “Jondal ibn Hamoud. Jondal sent an army there for the suppression of him.

They fought and Jondal asked the Christian heads of government for help and the Christian heads of government who was waiting of the opportunity departed Mo’atasem, killed him, destroyed his palace and celebrated.

People and attendant’s silence and indifference:

Muslim people and those who were in charge of the Islamic country didn’t take a lesson out of this event and got silent.

Undiscerning and treacherous special people:

Finally Hasin ibn Ja’far the powerful Islamic governor and the commander of valance army (one of provinces of Andalus) was announced that the famous prime minister “Ibn Zi-alnan” has signed a contract with Christians secretly in order to betray Muslims and his country and to deliver valance castles.

Hearing this news, Hamis visited Ibn Zi Al-Nun in order to inquire about what he had heard. When he arrived, he saw Ibn Zi Nur whispering with one of the Christian priests; so Ibn Zi Nur confessed and said:

“Hasis Ibn Ja’far, I’ve seen that Muslim heads of government had become crule and don’t investigate about people’s problems; more over, the Christians have attacked us with 75000 soldiers and Muslims can’t resist against them. Hasin turned furious and said: “Do you want to destroy our fathers’ honors; but be aware the Christian will punish you because of your betrayal. They won’t reward you due to your service.

But Hasin’s anger was vain; for treacherous Ibn Zi Noun had delivered the castle to the Christians and their soldiers had entered the city and committed the most severe crimes.

According to history, the Christian army massacred 13000 Muslims due to defending chastity. They killed 30000 Muslim men and women due to not accepting Jesus religion!!

Malik Ibn Abbad, the commander of Andalus wanted to move toward valance with his army; but he felt Cordoba is in danger; so he stayed there inevitably.

The consequence of undiscerning special people:

[those who trust on Christians [America and the west aliens]

Ibn Zi Noun was made fire by the command of “Ild Qulense” the great Christian head of government when he entered into the Vallance city.

Boraq1-Ibn-Ammar the Islamic betrayal officer deceived Jondal Ibn Hamud, the governor of Oshbilieh. So they attacked Malik Ibn Abbad the ruller of all Andalus; but the Christian soldiers dominated Oshbilieh as soon as Jondal moved towards the city.

Then they killed Jondal.

Timid ruller and falling of Andalus!

Malik Ibn Abbad escape to “Sarcoteh” inevitably and lived there all of his lifetime with servile. The great Christian ruler –Ildqoulence- entered into the king palace easily and divided 50 pretty girls and their palaces among his officers. They destroyed the Cordoba mosque. They made Cordoba library fire including 80000 books. They killed 4000 people of Cordoba

The consequence of trusting on the Christians:

Boraq Ibn Ammar, the treacherous Islamic officer was killed according to Douk Venice’s- one of Christian rulers- order.

A short trip to Andulus!!

The monuments of Islamic civilization in Andulus:

Andulus is one of 17 states which forms Spain. It is located in the south of Spain. Andulus is famous for palaces, ancient mosques and the gardens which are monuments of Islamic civilization.

A short trip to Andulus.

Hamra palace the most famous building in Andulus. This palace including palaces and gardens

The columns of the palace Naseriyeh in Hamra complex

Al-Hamra gardens

Anemone flowers under the almond trees

Soya city the forth big city of Spain

Inside Cordoba mosque

Alkazar palace

Khai-al-Dar tower

Gardens of Khair-al-Dar in Soya city

The entrance of Mourio gardens in Soya city

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