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Universal House of Justice and the wasted world of Baha’ism

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\"بهائیت Bahaismiran.com: The following text is a criticism about Baha’ism view regarding the world future. A dark or hopeful future. It is hoped to be enjoyed by the respectful readers.

Universal House of Justice and the wasted world of Baha’ism

Bahaismiran: The following text is a criticism about Baha’ism view regarding the world future. A dark or hopeful future. It is hoped to be enjoyed by the respectful readers.

The age of the oppressors overflowing. Human being who were looking at the darkness. The colonialists whose insatiability custom is burning the world. The fire which was proceeding its flag towards a great war. The world was on the eve of a great fighting. A was which was to … Meantime, there were some people who were hopeful. Shiites who were waiting for a man would be accompanied by the justice. Yeah, the emergence of the promised Mehdi (P.H.) was the mere hope for the world to be got rid of a horrible war. Then the afflicted and oppressed hands were raised towards Gods boundless sky and the exhausted lips prayed for his emergence unanimously in order for his emergence and appearance to be hastened. Hassan ibn Ali Al-Askari’s son and Narjes’s offspring. A man whom the walls of Ka’aba was waiting for his steps. A man who was the last remnant of Allah in order to fill the earth with his God’s light and justice. A man who was to be a hope for the oppressed hearts; but …

Eventually, a man arose in the world. His name was Ali Mohammad. Mohammad Reza Bazzaz and Fatima Beygom’s son. He was entitled Bab by people. Because he considered himself as Bab and the connector between people and their Imam. Then later he called himself as the promised Mehdi and introduced a new dogma called Baha’ism to people. He emerged in Shiraz. The triple wars imposed by Bab on Iran were onsets for the worldwide modern justice. The wars in which the oppressed people were massacred. Bab was a quarrelsome and cruel man. Those characters were obvious in his commandments which had been entered into religion by him; in addition to his wars. His commandments include cutting his opponents’ heads, burning books, destroying monuments and killing everybody except Baha’is. These cruel commandments were being issued by a promised man who was to full the world with justice (Makateb, Vol. 2, P. 266)

But as a matter of fact, Bab had a weak personality who has been oppressed over and over. He was imprisoned (pp.233, 234 Nabil History). He was given a box on the ear by Fars ruler due to insulting (Nabil History, PP 137 to 141). He was given the bastinado because of this weak memory (Nabil History, P. 324). He repented his claim just due to a box on his ear (Nabil History, PP 137 to 141 and PP 204 to 205 of Kashf-al-Qeta). More interestingly, he called himself as god: Ali Mohammad is God Himself.

Finally after a short while he was executed by a firing squad by the capable minister of Iran, Amir the Great who had kept Iran off the Colonialists. The savior of the world couldn’t even save himself.

His deceive was vanished after several years. Later on, a Babi person who believed in Bab’s violent commandments for some decades announced himself as Bab’s successor. Yes, the Excellency Bahaullah established a new creed called Baha’ism. He introduced 12 Baha’i principles and gave good news to the failed people. The promised the equality between men and women and the public peace among people. He gained that position hard. He fought with his brother Sobhi Azal. Mirza Yahya was attributed donkey, cow, calf, fly and beetle by his brother Bahaullah and Baha’is. (The first part of the book maedeh Asemani page 40). The Excellency Bahaullah announced his brother is sly. (Badi’s, P. 374 and 4th part of “Maedeh Asemani p.40). He confessed Bab’s second wife had been raped by Sobhi Azal in Baqdad and because Sobhi Azal didn’t like her, he had dedicated her to his disciples. (Qarn Badi’a, Vol. 2, P. 335 and Rahiq Makhtowed, P. 201). Azalis said: The Execellency Baha had bestowed his daughter to Sobhi Azal when he was a chairman (Tanbih-al-Naemin, P.19, P. 65). Meantime, the Excellency Bahaullah called himself as God and claimed for divinity (Makatib, Vol. 2, P. 255). After him, the Excellency Abdul Baha became the chairman of Baha’is. He was also fighting with his brother Mohammad Ali regarding seccessorship and they insulted each other very much. The Excellency Abdul baha called his brother as the head of Atheists and entitled him as evil. (Rahiq Makhtum P.87). Once more the Excellency Abdul Baha called and entitled his brother and his disciples as fly, beetle, worm, bat, owl, crowl, fox and wolf and called himself as nightingale and peacock. (Makatib, Vol. 2, P. 234) Mirza Mohammad Ali also called the Excellency Abdul BAha as calf and donkey and called himself as Qazanfarullah. (Makatib, Vol. 1, P. 271) Finally those hideous insults ended in Abbas Effendi’s statement: The violators (Mohammad Ali Effendi and his followers) have robbed most of the Excellency Bahullah’s works and tablets (Rahiq MAktom, P. 25 to 28)

Baha’ism insulted the black Africans as cows (Khatabat, P.119) and also insulted all Turkish people (Asrar –al-Athar Vol. 2, P.154 and vol. 3m P. 42) and called all people who don’t believe in Baha’ism as illegitimate (Khatabat, Vol. 1, P. 152)

The Excellency Shoqi Effendi was the third leader of Baha’is and was grandson of Abdul Baha. He was silent in atomic bombardment of Hiroshima and Nakazaki and didn’t say anything about justice. He said: “We are observing a world which has been deviated. The world is being gone far away from the dirine balance day by day”. (Badi’a, P. 80)

The Excellency Shoqi was barren and Baha’ism established UHJ (The universal House of Justice) for ruling Baha’is. In the UHJ, women don’t have its members. According to Baha’i leader 9 people must be heads of the UHJ. Anyway, Bait-al-Adl organization has continued its chairmanship. But not long ago, on 9th of Bahman, the UHJ issued a statement especially for the youth that made the whole world dark. It says: “You are observing that the faith light is being vanished gradually.”

Yes, this is the same claim that has made humans follow them. Neither the murdered people in the world war II benefited nor the oppressed of the modern world. A deceptive promise by the UHJ is the human’s hope. It is better to ask: What has been the aim for Baha’ism to be sent down? Why wasn’t the savior of Shiite able to set people free from his wars and fighting according to the divine parole? How can the world which is being filled with it darkness and murk according to the universal house of Justice and Bahaullah be promising for a bright and hopeful future? How long will disappointment dominate on Baha’i disciples?

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