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Tahereh Qorratul Ein Part (3)

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\"بهائیتBahaismiran.com:Eventually, Iraqi ruler exiled her to Baqdad. Then, she was imprisoned in a house because she was also proselytizing Babism. (Bab’s sedition, p. 170)

Tahereh Qorratul Ein

Part (3)


Eventually, Iraqi ruler exiled her to Baqdad. Then, she was imprisoned in a house because she was also proselytizing Babism. (Bab’s sedition, p. 170)

Of course, Qorratul Ein wore her best cloth in the appointed time and dressed herself sat under the cover and said:

“O’ disciples , these days are considered as interval ones. Today the legitimate duties shouldn’t be done and fasting, praying and incarnating are vain. When Ali Muhammad Bab covers the seven lands (it should be mentioned that Ali Muhammad Bab was in prison at that time and his followers were trying to find a way to save him) and united these different religious, he will bring a new religion, a new book and new duties. So, don’t try in vain today.”

Qorratul Ein in Badasht

Also, it has been reported that she declared:

“Remove this cover and come out of loneliness. Share them in your activities after you slaked. Associate with them. Take them to assemblies out of homes. Ladies are life flowers. You should pick the flower up and smell. Because flowers are created to be smelt and picked up. Smell and enjoy them deeply. Yu should pick up flowers and blooms to send for you friends…”

Some scholars believe that Qurratul Ein announced Islam abolition because she hate her husband, her cousin, and wanted to divorce; but because she wasn’t allowed based on the Islamic religion, she decided to announce the abolition of Islam to get rid of Islamic trammels. However, you should know that the trend of Qorratul Ein’s life had been drawn to theological misguidance due to being deviated scientifically and theologically. She also couldn’t compensate.

Anyway, paying attention to the above-mentioned statements by Qorratul Ein, we can realize that the then community had been afflicted by the severe economic and social damages. In this regard, Qorratul Ein has paid attention to these damages intelligently. However, instead of solving the problems, she abolished the religion of Islam.

It is obvious that she was a skillful orator. She has also said: “.. don’t deprive your wives of your friends because there isn’t any ban and duty today. Nobody can ben anybody else to do something; so enjoy you life because when you die you can’t…” It is interesting to be noted that Qorratul Ein uncovered herself like fairy-faced women against the people waiting for her. Several people covered their faces with their hands to oppose. Some people escaped. Only several people gazed her. In order to attract people’s hearts, she stepped among their lines; but it wasn’t useful. Eventually, Mirza Hussein Ali Nouri covered her with his goan and took her out the scene. Those who were faithful quitted the faith; but some people referred to Qoddus to narrate as opposition (Bab’s sedition, pp. 182-183)

Qoddus answered the people vaguely and announced that Qurratul Ein is atheist. Then, a debate was made debate Qoddus was failed and apologized and the disciples obeyed the new innovation without being aware of the forged scenes. (Bab’s sedition, pp. 183-184)

It should be mentioned that those who were present at Badasht were single or away from their families. Thus, their invitation was along with carnal desires. Consequently, they turned to Qorratul Ein amorously and even kissed her footsteps. Then, the crowd didn’t care about the religious laws of chastity and moral honor for 22 days. At last, the local couldn’t tolerate the condition and made them leave Badahst at night time. (Bab’s sedition, pp. 185-186)

Anyway, unveiling by Qurratul Ein is a reality confirmed and stated by all historians. Consequently it was the origin of unveiling in the Iranian contemporary history. (Refer to Sina Wahed, Qurratul Ein, the prelude of the history of unveiling in Iran, pp. 12-14)

Of course, Qurratul Ein aroused everybody to quit veiling and cover. Also, she allowed each woman to get married with nine men and said it will increase affection.

Quitting her house and husband, Qurratul Ein was ready to gratify her passion. Thus, after exiting Badasht in the way to Mazandaran Qurratul Ein and Mulla Muhammad Ali rode the same camel and the camel-driver wrote a poetry: “The sun and the moon have got bathroom in one of the villages in the path. (Muhammad Taqi Sepehr, the same, Vol 3, p. 1015; Bab’s sedition, p. 186; Omar Reza Kahaleh, the same, Vol. 4, p. 201; Refer to chahardahi, the same, p. 158.)

The mentioned adventure was too hideous and cheeky that both Babis and Baha’is deny it and try to pretend Qurratul Ein as a chaste woman. Eventually, they claim Qurratul Ein and Qoddus relation was similar to that of spouses. Qurratul Ein said to Qoddus: “You must pray towards me because I am your Kiblah.”

Qurratul Ein unchastity didn’t narrow to her affairs with Qoddus and Yahya Sobhi Azal very much because Yahya was a good looking young boy. She preened herself and appeared among men and said: “Everybody who touched me isn’t taken to hell…” (Muhammad Taqi Sepehr, Vol. 3, pp. 997-998; Mohsen Abdul Hamid, p. 83; also refer to Chahardehi, p. 56.)

Consequently, Qurratul Ein tried hard to preach Babism. So, she went to villages of Mazandaran along with some Babis at the end of her life to announce the emergence of (the false) Mehdi-Ali Muhammad Bab- eventually she was captured and sent to Tehran city. In Tehran, she was under supervision in Mirza Mahmud Khan Kalantar. After king Naseruddin’s abotrtive assassination, the king devided to kill all Babis including Qurratul Ein (It is reported that king Naseruddin fell in love with her at first and proposed). At last, she was killed by king Naseruddin (1268 A.H.) she was suffocated with a handkerchief and fallen into a well (Bab’s sedition, pp. 187-189)

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