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\"بهائیتBahaismiran.com:The appearance and the activities of this cult in Iran have created many damages for the people and created severe disunity and long crises in the Iranian community from the beginning of its appearance till now. These aims are followed by the northern and southern neightbours of Iran.

Sunday, 08 November 2015 23:36

Visiting with Fariba Kamal Abadi- Another Narration

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\"بهائیتBahaismiran.com:The nature of this article isn’t political. The following article doesn’t conform or reject any political thought. This is a theological writing.

\"بهائیتBahaismiran.com:One of the Colonial countries which communicates with the Baha’ism cult is France. The system of the French government has had blood feud with Islam earlier to such an extent that the French general went to Salaheddin Ayyoubi’s grave (The Muslim conqueror of Qods) and said: “Come out of your grave, o’Salaheddin, we have just returned.”

\"بهائیتBahaismiran.com:An article has been sent in one of telegram channels related to the Baha’ism cult. It has claimed that the devine religions have evangelized: “All prophets in the holy books end of the world by which the world will be illuminated and the devine kingdom will be established in the world.

\"بهائیتBahaismiran.com:Imam Khomeyni’s handwriting the deviant cult of Baha’ism was published. The center of the documents of the Islamic Revolution published a special edition entitled “The clear and hidden dimentions of Baha’ism” concerning the approach “the investigation of the clergymen’s campaign against the deviant cult of Baha’ism and the investigation of the relationship between Baha’ism and the Zionist regime “in the form of an” electronic bulletin”.

\"بهائیتBahaismiran.com:several days ago, the secretary general of the United Nations announced insolently that he has removed the name of Saudi Arabic out of the list of killer of infants in Yemen due to some pressures. Now, this organization is supporting the deviant cult of Baha’ism.

\"بهائیتBahaismiran.com:The demolition of Jannatul-Baqi (Baqi cemetery) on 8 Shawwal,1345AH (April 21,1925) at the hands of Al-e-Saud was a great tragedy in the history of Islam.

\"بهائیتBahaismiran.com:Abdul Karim Aydia whose father was one of the religious leaders and of the famous Baha’i elements inherited this post. He had been elected by the English at first and was merited for spying.

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