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Sunday, 08 November 2015 23:36

A letter from a bigoted Baha’i !!!

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\"بهائیت Bahaismiran.com:A Baha’i has recently published a letter which is worthy to be thought about. This Baha’i person believes in the beliefs of this cult fanatically. The letter content includes a contradiction speech and action regarding the special position of this organization concerned with the recent incidences in Gaza and the Zionistic regime’s crimes. He has become unstable in his beliefs; so that he has decided to consult with the Baha’i community and the Organization heads to ask for answer and seeking for remedy for his consternation. As if, the obvious support of the Zionism crimes and their purposeful and incomplete news coverage by the Baha’i media have made the Baha’is themselves to oppose. It shows that everyone who possesses humanity a bit can’t stand these crimes and atrocities. Just like these Jewish people who disagree with the ruthless regime performance.
\"بهائیت Bahaismiran.com:The followers of the deviant cult of Baha’ism directed by the head of the organization have always tried to use each pretext to attack to Islam in order to decrease their historical enmities towards Muslims and the great men such as Amir the Great.
Sunday, 08 November 2015 23:36


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\"بهائیت Bahaismiran.com:The infographic entitled The Deviant Cult of Baha’ism, Appearance and Culmination is an extensive look at the struggles of two then superpowers to prevent the influence of Islam especially Shi’ism in the political scene of the Middle East. Of course, this infographic deals with the appearance of the events related to nearly 170 years and the culmination of the deviant cult of Baha’ism.  for download click here
Sunday, 08 November 2015 23:36

The book “ Organization Disclosed”

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\"بهائیت Bahaismiran.com: The book “ Organization Disclosed” narrated by Behzad Jahangiri and written by Saeed Sajjadi, has been translated by the Bahaismiran site. It contains thirty chapters. The translated texts have been provided in four parts. The three parts are ready in the library of the site and the forth part of the book will be ready for dear readers in near future.
Sunday, 08 November 2015 23:36

Mr. Mohsen Sazgara, are you sure it is worthy?

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\"بهائیت Bahaismiran.com:Just a sentence: Mr. Sazgara, has much do you want to proceed in your anti-revolution measures and cycle. Isn’t it enough?!
Sunday, 08 November 2015 23:36

The book “Avaze Dohol”

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\"بهائیت Bahaismiran.com:The book “Avaze Dohol” [The Beating of the Dram] by Masoud Basiti and Zahra Moradi in 12 volumes has been translated into English language by the site www.AvazeDohol.com. The book includes 12 chapters in 584 pages. Chapter 1, the independent investigation of truth, chapter 2: The oneness of humanity, chapter 3: Religion must be the source of unity, chapter 4: Religion must be in conformity with science and reason, chapter 5: The removal all prejudice, chapter 6: The equalization of the means of livelihood for all humanity, chapter 7: Establishment of a universal house of justice 8, universal compulsory education, chapter 9: A universal Auxiliary language, chapter 10: Equality of Men and women, chapter 11: Establishment of universal peace, chapter 12: The world of humanity is in the need of the breath of holy spirit. The book is ready to be read for the dear readers in the library of the site Bahaismiran.com.
\"بهائیت Bahaismiran.com:Following the massive attacks of the bloodthirsty Zionistic regime to the Gaza Strip and the inhumane crimes done by this regime in killing hundreds of men, women, children, the people from across the world held extensive allies and demonstrations and expressed their objection against these inhumane crimes to stop the brutal assault and murder of innocent kids of Gaza.
Sunday, 08 November 2015 23:36

A letter from a friend

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\"بهائیت Bahaismiran.com:I heard the rustle of tree leaves obviously. I looked at the street. A taxi or a pedestrian was passing the street, up and down. The distance from the mosque to the house was a good opportunity for my grandfather to narrate his memories. I said to my grandfather: (Grandfather!  How did you turn to Islam?) He lowered his cap and said after thinking for a while: (Tonight I’ll show you a letter which I have kept for several years. I think you’ll find the answer for your question by reading it. I nodded my head confirming him…
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