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\"بهائیت Bahaismiran.com: It seems the U.S. ministry of foreign affairs is quite blind and deaf because it ignores the crimes against humanity in the central Africa, M   , Syria, Gaza and etc. or maybe it doesn’t assume these human beings as deserved ones.
\"بهائیت Bahaismiran.com: “Samteno” is a program whose project started by transferring “Tara Aghdashlou” from BBC to the Baha’i network “Manoto”. Manoto network has broadcasted two parts of the program so far.
\"بهائیت Bahaismiran.com: The Baha’i Manoto network called the Muslim women as the ignorant ones being coincident with attack against cover in France.
Sunday, 08 November 2015 23:36

Palestin will be liberated!!

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Sunday, 08 November 2015 23:36

Baha’ism, Daesh Repetition or coincidence

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\"بهائیت Bahaismiran.com: The Islamic Caliphate of Daesh announced:  According to the religious statement of Daesh scholars concerning the increase in Muslim population, the scholars of Daesh have allowed the Muslim fighters to get married with their sisters in order for Muslim population to be increased. Where had you observed this instruction before?
Sunday, 08 November 2015 23:36

Aims and Objectives of Baha’i Faith

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\"بهائیت Bahaismiran.com: The main objectives of Baha’is are:
1.     Defending the Zionist occupation of Palestine. 
2.   Acting as a major agent in strengthening the Zionists regime.
3.   Undermining the Muslim unity.
4.   Gathering information of other Muslim/Non Muslim countries.
5.    Converting the innocent followers of other religions into Baha’ism, a pseudo Religion devoid of any Morality.         http://agamabahai.blogspot.com
Sunday, 08 November 2015 23:36

the clergymen who pretended

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Sunday, 08 November 2015 23:36

Where are the human rights claimants??!!

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Where are the human rights claimants??!!

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