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\"بهائیت Bahaismiran.com:“… There are some facts. I am suffering from headache. There are some realities. Sirs, refer to Baha’i calendar regarding two or three years ago. It is written: The equality of man and woman; it is Abdul Baha’is idea. Sirs obey him. Shah also goes there ignorantly and says: The equality of man and woman. Sir! They have injected it to you to indicate that you are Baha’i; that I say he is atheist; don’t do this action. Poor! Don’t do this action. It is Abdul Baha’is idea to force women to serve in the army. Its calendar and history is present! Refer it Shah hasn’t seen it. If he hasn’t seen, he can ask those who have seen. They have inculcated this poor man to say these statements… Our country; our religion have been endangered… .”
\"بهائیت Bahaismiran.com:\"Non-Muslim minority groups, particularly Christian, Hindu, Sikh, and Baha’i groups, which together constitute approximately 1 percent of the population, were targets of discrimination and persecution. The minority Shia community continued to face discrimination from the majority Sunni population
Sunday, 08 November 2015 23:36

The Book "Avaze Dohol"

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\"بهائیت Bahaismiran.com:The book “Avaze Dohol” volume 1 has been included in the library of the site. Download
Sunday, 08 November 2015 23:36

12-volume book “Avaze Dohol”

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Bahaismiran.com:The 12-volume book “Avaze Dohol” compiled by Masoud Basiti and Zahra Moradi based by three points of view:\"بهائیت

1. Is seeking the truth and setting aside imitation, an innovation of the Bahai’s?...

2. Were the founders of Baha’ism, truth seeking and truth accepting?

3. Are these principles themselves correct, from a rational and logical perspective? …

The book is to be included in the library of the site soon. The abstracts of the 12 volumes have been provided in the library.

Sunday, 08 November 2015 23:36

who is not Happy

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\"بهائیت Bahaismiran.com:As we see we will be seeing more frustration being expressed by Israel-Baha’i axis if the negotiation process between Iran and the 5+1 countries  progresses. Their survival depends on a weak Iran, and they would not mind a third world war to meet their ends. Let’s hope that the world unites to uncover the evil intentions of Israel-Baha’i axis; in this case the true nature of them will be uncovered.
\"بهائیت Bahaismiran.com:: A little while, we published some news about the announcer of Manoto Baha’i network in our site. We encountered a Momento photo of the announcer with the extinct king’s wife. We assumed it to be a good action to show this photo along with its hidden layers especially with Raha E’temadi who has a splendid background!!!
Sunday, 08 November 2015 23:36

The book “Sheikism, the forerunner of Babism”

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\"بهائیت Bahaismiran.com:The book “Sheikism, the forerunner of Babism” has been provided in the library of the site “Bahaismiran” for the dear readers. download this book now.
Sunday, 08 November 2015 23:36

the translation of the book

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\"بهائیت Bahaismiran.com:The book entitled “ Sheik’ism, the forerunner of Bab’ism” will be included in the “Bahaismiran” site soon .
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