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Sunday, 19 August 2018 08:05

The Baha'i Belief in Reincarnation

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Even though Baha’is vehemently deny that they believe in reincarnation, there are explicit writings in the Baha’i corpus that show the contrary. In the current article we will mention three of Baha’u’llah’s Tablets where he expresses this meaning. Unfortunately, to date, none of these tablets have been officially translated by Baha’i authorities.

Baha'u'llah has enjoined upon his followers to bathe once a week:

Mazra’ih (Masra’ih) is the name of a mansion and surrounding land that Baha’u’llah had lived in for two years when he was ‘allegedly’ imprisoned in Palestine. According to an article in the Baha’i magazine, Baha’i News, this land belonged to the Muslims and could not be legally sold to the Baha’is:

In one of his letters on the occasion of the death of a number of Baha’is in Yazd and Isfahan, Abdu’l-Baha tries to blame the Scholars of Iran for their death and claims these deaths were the result of the Jealousy of Shia scholars due to the massive conversion of Persians to Baha’ism. This is what he states in a section of this letter that is part of the suppressed Baha’i texts that Baha’is simply refuse to translate to English:

When Baha'is preach their beliefs, the audience are lectured about the “Oneness of Humanity” and are told that Baha'is treat people of all faiths with respect and courtesy. Unfortunately, when one delves into Baha’i scripture, many instances are seen where the founders of Baha’ism in no manner respected the followers of other religions.

So you think you’ve heard this story before? Really? Well then, you can stop reading right now and put it away. If you’re sure you know what happens, you don’t need to look at it again. Go ahead and read something else. There are all sorts of important documents on the latest Five Year Plan that demand your attention. Read them more than once—you can always learn something new from Farzam Arbab or Paul Lample. Intensive Programs of Growth may seem simple, but believe me when I say that understanding them takes longer than you guess. How long? Let’s just say your next two years of weekends are booked.

Monday, 13 August 2018 05:28

In Tanzania, Baha’is converting Hindus

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A Baha’i family of Hindu background, who became Baha’i fairly recently, were studying Book 2 and wanted to carry out an act of service in support of the intensive program of growth in their cluster. They sat down and made a list of friends that they could go and visit to share some themes about the Faith. The names were of individuals they had invited to devotional meetings and who had shown some interest. Before undertaking the visits, the family came together and prayed for divine assistance. Out of the three families they visited, one family—the husband, wife, and son—were very attracted to the beauty of the teachings and had many questions. They discussed the themes of “The Covenant of God” and “God and His Manifestations.” Since the family they were visiting was also of Indian background, they took with them pictures of the Lotus Temple in India.

They say the purpose of Baha’i activities are betterment of society. It is nothing but deceptive conversion. Here is a letter written by Universal House of justice dt. 17 July 2006 where they say that the main purpose of Baha’i activities are teaching the visitors and seekers about the Faith and finally converting them to the Baha’i Faith.


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