Terrorist’s birthday With the excuse of bicentennial anniversary of Ali Muhammad Shirazi’s birthday

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 The instructions existing in Baha’i books and the plans being presented by the centers of this cult indicate that one of the important aims or maybe the most one is establishing a government.[1] The idea of seizing power and establishing a Babi government are fancies wished by the heads of the cult. They believe that they can achieve the aim by passing seven stages which are respectively as follows:

1)   To be unknown

2)   To be oppressed and subduced

3)    Baha’ism independence and its equality with other religions

4)   To be officially recognized and identified as an official religion of the country.

5)   The emergence of dominion is the forerunner of the divine faith and merging the country organization with Baha’i system.

6)   The establishment of the Baha’i kingdom internationally and the beginning of the Baha’i golden era.[2]

Certainly, passing these stages needs Baha’i population to ask for each seven titles to act in the path of its implimentation. The universal center of the cult-located at Palestine has posed and announced various plans to increase the number of Baha’is and passing these seven stages.

Nowadays, the Baha’i community is the one which possesses an unprecedented mutation in its capabilities to attract friends and relatives to its group existence and to speak about a holy existence which is the founder and preacher of these teachings. The explanation of that blessed existence by adults, youth and kids and in different languages could affect numorous hearts. Some searched more about the divine faith and some committed to cooperate and many succeeded to express their faith.[3]   

This commemoration is in the path of the forth 5- year plan of the organization in which three important ceremonies including Hussein  Ali Nouri’s birthday (2017 A.D.), Ali Muhammad Shirazi’s birthday (2019 A.D.) and Abbas Effendi’s death (2021 A.D.) are being held. Although the main program is predetermined; but after holding the first commemoration in 2017, the Baha’i organization prepares Baha’is to hold the next commemoration with the excuse of the birthday of one the famous terrorists of the Iranian history. It is emphasized on holding such ceremony on Aban 1398:

“In these two days, a valuable opportunity will be provided for the dear disciples to gather people in local celebrations and meetings based on their previous experiences… The disciples along with friends and relatives can speak about the commemoration of the Excellency Bab.[4]

One of the proselytizing programs of Baha’ism in such ceremonies is inviting the heads of various countries and asking them to comment on these movements by Baha’ism:

“One of the remarkable characteristics of the previous bicentennial anniversary is the number and the extent of appreciation and praising Excellency Bahaullah and congratulation messages of the supreme characters mostly to answer their invitations to express their emotions.[5]

The Baha’is have been emphasized in various messages to exploit attractive and artistic works to proselytize more in such ceremonies because: “… such innovations can create curiosity and marvel in many people’s hearts who haven’t been familiar with the Excellency Bab and Bahaullah.[6]

Ali Muhammad Bab’s works are full of bloodshed and savagery. He calls his followers to “be head his opponents, to make all non- Babi’s books fire, to avoid having social intercourses with other nations;[7] to destroy non- Babi holy tombs and to massacre all those who don’t believe in Bab[8].” He also orders the rulers to kill non- Babis on the earth![9]

As mentioned before, the final aim is more relationships with non- Baha’is and attracting people to pass the six stages achieving the seventh one; “These days, it must be considered as a special opportunity to keep in touch with people of all walks of life.”[10]

Consequently, such charming celebrations provide opportunities for cooperating the Baha’i projects. Supporting such measures by the unaware people –the people in charge or not- will lead Baha’is to create a Baha’i government; although there hasn’t been any outstanding success in the null measures of the Baha’ism organization.






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