An unbelievable document from SAVAK’s hearings of the Baha’is assembly session in 1350 S.H.

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     Report date: 1350/2/18


     Subject: The Baha’is


     A meeting was held participating 9 Baha’is of district 15 of Shiraz city in Mr. Farhang Azadegan house supervised by Mr. Loqmani. After reading the letter, Mr. Valiullah Loqmani spoke about the world religions and their census data and the Baha’ism martyrs. He added it is better for the Baha’is to study more and judge based on reality in order to figure out the meaning of more freedom in recent days in Baha’ism. In previous time, the Baha’i disciples couldn’t say they were Baha’is and could weren’t be able to proselytize. If they combated, they would immediately be killed; but now the bigotries have been abandoned. Now, we are ordered by America and London to boom fashion, buildings and unveiling in or for Muslims to expose their faces; so, that I said something in Mr. Mo’atamed’s house and all girls and boys got happy.

     Agonize Muslims as long as you can by obeying fashion and proselytizing in order for them not to say Imam Hussein has been the world conqueror and Ali has been the dominator. Of course, the Baha’is confirm these issues but not for the atom century. The atom is made by the Baha’is.

     Weapons and ammunitions are made by our teenagers in Israel.

     These Muslims will be eventually destroyed by the Baha’is and the Excellency Bahaullah’s world will be boomed.

     This report has been confirmed by three top officials of SAVAK.

      The key notes in the report:


1)   1350 has been the peak year for the revolutionary conflicts. The Baha’is consider Iran as their back yard. They consider that time as the golden periods of time for their proselytizing and anti-cultural activities.

2)   At least in the current decade, the Pahlavi government, there hasn’t been any governmental bigotry against the Baha’is.

3)   It’s precedent for the Baha’is to be ordered by America and England and isn’t related to post Islamic Revolution periods of time.

4)   Since past, the Baha’is have preached fashion and been the factors of western cultural abnormalities.

5)   Agonizing Muslims is ordered to the Baha’is.

6)   The close relationships between the Baha’is and Israel

7)   Unveiling the real and aggressive face the Baha’is.

8)   The bond between the theological function of Baha’ism and the atheistic beliefs of ISIS.


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