The real appearance of Baha'ism in SAVAK Documents What Baha'ism claims and; of course how it behaves!!!!

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The dear users have continually heard about this claimed principle by the deviant cult of Baha'ism:" The separation of religion from polities" The performance of the Baha'i leaders have challenged this principle continually from the beginning of the establishing this cult till now. It is worthy to be thought whether this claim is influenced when they make decisions or it is just a claim to deviant the public thought in the books and media. The following report originated from SAVAK documents in order for Baha'i leader contradictions to be revealed:


Top secret




Date: 1350/2/8

Subject: Baha'is


     A meeting was held in District 15, Shiraz in Mr. Farhang Azadegan's house supervised by Mr.loqmani. Baha'is participated in the meeting. After reading the letter, Mr. Valiullah Loqmani spoke about the world religious and their statistics and Baha'is martyrs. He added: Baha'is should study more, it would be better. They should judge based on facts in order to understand the meaning of Baha'ism whether they possess more freedom? In the past, Baha'is couldn’t say we were Baha'is. They couldn’t proselytize. They would be immediately killed if they campaigned. However, they prejudices have been set aside and removed.

     Now, we are clearly ordered by America and London to propagate cloth modes, buildings and unveiling. Try to agonize Muslims as long as you can by obeying and following modes and proselytizing's in order for them not to say Imam Hussein had been the world conqueror or Ali had been the world winner. Of course, Baha'is confirms these statements; but not for the atom century when atom is made by Baha'is.

    Weapons and ammunitions are made by our youth in Israeel. Muslims will be vanished by Baha'is at last. More ever, the Excellency Bahaullah's world will be developed.

     This report has been confirmed by three high- ranking sources of SAVAK.


     The important notes in the above – mentioned report:

     1)1350 was the turbulent year in revolutionary conflicts. Baha'is consider that time as the golden period of time for their proselytism and anti- cultural activities.

     2) At least in the recent decade, the Pahlavi government was bigot governmentally against the Baha'is.

     3) Obeying America and England's orders by Baha'is isn’t limited to the years after the Islamic Revolution. It is related to the past.

     4) Baha'is were the preachers of mode and cultural rudeness in Iran.

     5) Baha'is have continually tried to agonize the Muslims.

     6) The close relationships with between Baha'is and Israel.

     7) Disclosing the real violent face of Baha'is.


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