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By: Dale Husband


In the battle of succession between Baha'u'llah and Subh-i Azal, one key document exists that proves Subh-i Azal is the Successor to the Bab. That document is the Will of the Bab.

Tuesday, 13 October 2020 10:03

Once again, inflated Baha'i Statistics Exposed!

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Inspired by this old post but with more countries and not exclusively reliant on census numbers. I have statistics for more countries, but I only included ones where the ARDA/WCE numbers are notably higher. These numbers are of course tentative.

I left the Baha’i faith because they shunned a former member. The reason for the shunning was that she had lied when she was trying to leave an oppressive regime. She told the officer at the airport that she was Muslim like her eight-year-old son and husband. Baha’i leaders said she should have told the truth about being Baha’i, even though she would have become a martyr. Yes, she knew for sure that they would have killed her. She should have endured this for her faith. She should have left her son motherless in order to be an example to the world.

E.G. Browne had positive things to say about the Baha'i Faith, but he remained a Christian his whole life:

Tuesday, 13 October 2020 09:58

Babism and the Baha'i Faith are cults

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By: Dale Husband

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