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Where could Iranian-Americans, African-Americans and whites meet regularly for worship, negotiating each other very different value system in the globalized world of diasporas and New Religious Movements? The answer is, in the Baha’i community of Los Angeles. An analysis of a crisis in that community will tell us a great deal not only about the Baha’i faith but about how an immigrant faith that has attracted many converts deals with the resultant communal tensions. On July 19, 1986, the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of the United States formally dissolved the Local Spiritual Assembly (LSA) of the Baha’is of Los Angeles, then a community of some 1200 adult believers and among the larger urban Baha’i communities. The national authorities replaced the disbanded local assembly with a six-person administrative committee that was to report directly to the national Baha’i headquarters in Wilmette, Illinois, so that in effect the national body took direct control of the affairs of the Baha’is of Los Angeles. This action was thought by local Baha’is at the time unprecedented.

Tuesday, 26 June 2018 13:15

Bahai Global Population, True or False?

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By: Mohammad Fattahzadeh



Abstract: The Baha’i Population in different countries seems to be an unsolved puzzle! Despite the existence of an exact statistical system and periodical reports of Baha’i population in every country, the Baha’i administration has been reluctant to publicize them, and has always referred to uncertain estimates that are highly exaggerated.

14 Apr 2018


Baha’i Research Note:

Monday, 25 June 2018 14:00

Yemini Baha’i accused of spying for Israel

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It is said history repeats but in Baha’i faith it repeats too often for the more or less same purpose. A short time ago we found that the Baha’i administration asking the NSA of different countries to propagate the matter of fake Ayatollah Mr. Tehrani risking his life in Iran now a similar type of incidence has emerged in Yemen where the UHJ is trying to risk the life of Mr. Bin Hydara by asking hostile countries like Netherland and United Kingdom to appeal to Yemeni government for release Mr. Hydara.

From Samarkand, to the attention of the esteemed officer of the glorious and mighty government of Russia, His Excellency Mirza Alexander Tumanski [Туманский Александр Григорьевич Major-General of the Russian Imperial Army], may God exalt him continuously.

Monday, 25 June 2018 13:27

Truth about Unity Airlines, Vanuatu

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Recently Baha'is are circulating the above picture showing a quote from Baha'u'llah written on the side of an airplane in Vanuatu. The airline is called Unity Airlines whose owner Antony Deamer is a Baha'i. Baha'is don't share this info about the owner, they just share this picture! Perhaps through this picture they want to portray that Baha'u'llah has such an influential personality that a "renowned world airline company" has put his "unique quote" on its aircraft!!!

The reviews on TripAdvisor reveals some information about this great airline company!

Whatever you do, just don't use UNITY AIRLINES as they'll just take your money making promises that won't be delivered. Very disappointing. Using Air Vanuatu, Air Taxi, Seaplanes or anybody else is a much better option by far. 

Air Vanuatu being the cheapest leaving you loads of room to organise your stay as you wish. In Vanuatu, accommodation can be arranged on the spot. And anyone will give you a lift for a decent fare. 

I am very saddened by the whole experience and service they provided. Considering their website promises ‘something no other tour operator can offer’ I decided to give them a chance and used them to fly to Pentecost to see N'gol. Was determined to fly with them to Ambrym and Tanna, but managed to run away just on time. 

None of the itinerary items that I paid for actually took place and no one told us why or even warned us that this had been cancelled. 

Appalling manners from the staff when we demanded rectification. 

Bunch of cowboys taking people for a ride.



Other reviews are equally unforgiving, with such titles as "Please do not choose this company’s service," "They take your money and then don't care," "Do not use this tour operator - Terrible Service and Not Worth the Money - Spend it doing something better in Vanuatu," and "Tour cancelled and slow and short refunded, experience missed!"

Antony Deamer on pilgrimage to Haifa, Israel.  


Antony Deamer (extreme right) with some of the NSA members in Haifa back in 1993.
(Payman Sima Rowhani, Charles Pierce, Babara Charles Pierce and Henry Tamashiro.(






The Baha’is are conducting children moral classes across the Arab countries, believing that improving morality of the society is their patented right.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018 10:36

Another failed prophecy of Abdul Baha

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"Verily, I beseech God to make thee confirmed under all circumstances. Do not become despondent, neither be thou sad. ERE LONG, THY LORD GOD SHALL MAKE THEE A SIGN OF GUIDANCE AMONG MANKIND." 

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