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Regarding Israel-Palestine conflict Shoghi Effendi claimed that:

"the Baha’i Faith has no official position on the governance and current disputes regarding this land."


"The Baha’i Faith is entirely non-political and we neither take sides in the present tragic dispute going on over the future of the Holy Land and its peoples..."

and Jerusalem Post writes thus:

" an article of faith – it studiously keeps out of the tumultuous world of Israeli politics."


Now read these words of Shoghi Effendi:

On March 11, 1936, Shoghi Effendi wrote a letter later published as The Unfolding of World Civilization, a document included in the book titled World Order of Bahá'u'lláh.
Within The Unfolding of World Civilization are sections, such as one entitled Collapse of Islam, in which Shoghi Effendi summarizes late Ottoman and early Turkish Republican history in these terms...

The murder of that arrogant despot in the year 1876; the Russo-Turkish conflict that soon followed in its wake; the wars of liberation which succeeded it; the rise of the Young Turk movement; the Turkish Revolution of 1909 that precipitated the downfall of ‘Abdu’l-Ḥamíd; the Balkan wars with their calamitous consequences; the liberation of Palestine enshrining within its bosom the cities of ‘Akká and Haifa, the world center of an emancipated Faith; the further dismemberment decreed by the Treaty of Versailles; the abolition of the Sultanate and the downfall of the House of Uthmán; the extinction of the Caliphate; the disestablishment of the State Religion; the annulment of the Sharí’ah Law and the promulgation of a universal Civil Code; the suppression of various orders, beliefs, traditions and ceremonials believed to be inextricably interwoven with the fabric of the Muslim Faith—these followed with an ease and swiftness that no man had dared envisage. In these devastating blows, administered by friend and foe alike, by Christian nations and professing Muslims, every follower of the persecuted Faith of Bahá’u’lláh recognized evidences of the directing Hand of the departed Founder of his religion, Who, from the invisible Realm, was unloosing a flood of well-deserved calamities upon a rebellious religion and nation. World Order of Baha’u’llah, page 175


Three thoughts from this passage:

1) Shoghi Effendi considers the British seizure of Palestine a "liberation." By the time World Order of Baha’u’llah was published in 1938, the British had permitted the immigration of hundreds of thousands of Jewish settlers to Palestine, and in 1937 the Peel Commission proposed a partition of Palestine into Jewish and Arab sectors. The proposal was rejected by both the Arab and Jewish leadership. It is not mere conspiratorial inklings that lead detractors to consider the Baha’i Faith to have ties to Zionism or British and Russian Imperialism.

2) Shoghi Effendi refers to "the further dismemberment decreed by the Treaty of Versailles" of the Ottoman Empire. The Treaty of Versailles was signed between Germany and some of the Allied nations, and it did not pertain to the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire would cease hostilities with Allies through the Armistice of Mudros, and Treaty of Sevres that was signed at the end of World War I was never ratified by the Ottoman Parliament in Istanbul. The nascent Republic of Turkey would later sign the Treaty of Lausanne with the Allies.

3) Shoghi Effendi describes the suffering of Ottoman subjects in World War I to have been "well-deserved calamities" unloosed by the "directing Hand" of Baha’u’llah. One wonders how anyone can equate Baha’u’llah’s exile, where he was still allowed to lead his religious community and publicly declare himself Him whom God shall make manifest, with the suffering of World War I.








This book was composed by Subh-i-Azal’s and Baha’s half-sister Izziyya Khanum known as Khanum-i-Buzurg. The book is commonly called رساله عمه (The Aunt’s Epistle). It was written in reply to Sir Abb as Effendi’s communication inviting her to embrace Bahaism. The author died in A.H. 1332 (1904). Sir Abbas Effendi stepped into the shoes of his father Baha after his death in 1892. The aunt’s Epistle must have been composed between the years 1892 and 1904. 

One person wrote :

He was the manifestation of satan, the devil and antichrist, the trickster and evil whisperer, the Golden Calf, Beelzebub, Lucifer, ahriman, Mephistophles and Iblis in the flesh (ل), hence why long ago I dubbed him Baha'u-Shaytan. His objective was to carve a legacy for his ego with fluffy platitudes and half digested ideas he had literally stolen from other sources which he claimed to be his own unique revelations, i.e. a pure Nietzschean will to power; this, while he held a knife behind his back which he plunged into his own brother's back. Mirza Husayn Ali Nuri is one of the ultimate case studies in radical evil, sociopathic nihilism and the dangers of such people. If he was the return of anyone, this man was the return of Cain. If a time machine could be built and one could go back into the past, I for one would not hesitate to go to 1850s Baghdad, find him and put him out of his misery right then and there for the good of all posterity at the very moment when he first began his mischief making against the Babis and Subh-i-Azal. The dark legacy of this malevolent scheister and his fraud has negatively touched a myriad of innocent people across generations and destroyed countless lives. As such Mirza Husayn Ali Nuri Baha'u-Shaytan was one of histories finest criminals, hucksters and con-artists, and who other than the dark one can possibly inspire and possess such individuals as he? And all of his true believers -- particularly those of them who have marticulated in his doctrine and climbed to the highest ranks of his cult -- are just like he is: dogged sociopathic nihilists engaged in radical evil.





Another ex-Baha'i wrote:

He was a cult leader. Plain and simple.

Baha'ullah was the farce to the Bab's tragedy. He was an opportunist who, like many others, made an attempt at capitalizing upon the popularity of the nascent Babi movement. He was clever in that he transformed the esoteric Shi'ism of the Bab into a religion which could have a more widespread appeal and an influence which could last long after the death of its founder, but this was perhaps his sole virtue. The means by which he further secured the success of his religion consisted of deceit, propaganda, murder, and collusion with sympathetic foreign officials.

He stopped at nothing, not even conspiracy against his own brother, in order to benefit himself. He stole ideas from other writers and supplemented them with his own "revelations" in order to make himself appear knowledgeable, when the reality was that he knew little of the intricacies of Islamic theology.

Whenever he was guilty, he passed himself off as a "Wronged One," and whenever he was innocent, it was not long before he would commit some other heinous act against someone who had done no wrong against him.

Subh-i-Azal appointed him as one of the leaders of the Babis and decreed that they should obey him, but Baha'u'llah was not content with this station, and so he began preparing "verses" and thereafter claimed "divine revelation." He gathered around himself a group of followers prepared to murder on his behalf and turned them against Azal and his partisans.

Qahir, Seraj, Dayyan, Aka Jan, Sayyid Muhammad Isfahani, Mirza Riza...the list goes on and on. Babi after Babi fell in succession by the decree of Baha'u'llah and/or with his good-pleasure. It did not matter how innocent he was, or even if he was a companion of the Bab himself (as was the case with Isfahani), if someone stood in the way of Baha'u'llah, he was summarily dealt with.

As Avarih cleverly remarked, "Baha is not [Imam] Husayn but Hasan[-i-Sabbah] returned."





During the 1990s a young Iranian Baha'i gentleman who had only recently come to Australia fell in love with a young Iranian Baha'i lady who had come to Australia only some time before him. He was actively courting her for the purpose of marriage. A prominent Iranian Baha'i developer in Queensland, Australia and who had come to Australia during the 1980s from Europe had his own eye on this woman -- even though this developer was only recently separated from his Iranian Baha'i wife of 30 years, was then dating an Australian woman (who he was also simultaneously living with out of wedlock) during his so-called year of patience, not to mention he was twice this woman's age.

The Baha’is worldwide celebrated the 200th anniversary of Baha'u'llah's birth on the 21st and 22nd of October 2017. A notable feature of the last bicentenary was the number of tributes to Baha'u'llah and messages of congratulation issued by dignitaries and prominent members of society, such responses are customarily by any head of states in response to invitations they had received .

Baha'i Faith is definitely an "information control" cult because they are paranoid about attacks and think they need an organized class of people assigned to protect the religion as if God couldn't do it Himself if it was His religion. They are paranoid about reputation and what gets published... they don't even list most of their books on Amazon - possibly they're afraid of the public review system there. 

This 'vibrant' community also had a website that was shut down because of lack of volunteers.

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