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Contrary to the Shiite scholars who considered divine law on matters of theology as the way to achieve the religion insights, Sheik Ahmad Ehsaee (1166- 1242 A.H.) considered his communications with the holy prophet (peace be upon him) and the holy Imams (peace be upon them) as the way to achieve the religious insights. Consequently, in many cases his method was different from the Shiite scholars who were referring their materials to the holy Quran and traditions.


Contrary to their dignitaries' commandments and orders, the Baha'is initiate campaigns against the system of government of a country in which they live. They proceed and make decision about freeing the prisoners of the country, too. They have also made the anti-revolution elements be along with them to attract non-Baha'is supports in the regard….



In the Baha'i assemblies, one of the necessary affairs is the euphonious reciting or so-called the Baha'i fervent prayer. In order to hide the superficial weakness of his writings, the forged prophet of Baha'ism was forcing the Baha'is to recite his writings in euphonious manner in order for the addressees not to figure out they are vain, false and languid . Because it is obvious that good song makes each meaningless phrase pheasant.


Contrary to what Bab Shirazi claimed, the forged prophet of Baha'ism announced the abolishment of Islam 13 years after Bab's death. However, if Ali Muhammad Shirazi's creed wasn't corresponded with time expediencies why did he posed the claim for Islam abolishment?! Why was Babism immediately abolished by the claimant of prophethood of Baha'ism if it wasn't corresponded with that time expediencies?!


The greatest reason of Baha'ism for its leader's legitimacy is the utterance reason. According to the Baha'is a person claims for prophethood and brings a religious law and assigns it to God and then the religion influences and remains in the world, these survival and influence are the reasons for its legitimacy! As it doesn't happen, it will surely be vanished and eradicated. Of courses, these conditions must be existent all together.

Mirza Abdulfadhl Golpaygani her posed the utterance reason in the book "Faraed" in order to prove legitimacy for the Baha'i leaders and says:

"By a little thought it will be clear that there won't be any difference between right and wrong if the utterance reason is rendered."

According to this claim one of the conditions for the utterance reason is the survival and influence. So, what's the reason for those who believed in the Excellency Bab's invitation in first year because there were no influence and no survival?!!!

The catechism for the utterance reason can't be coincided with everybody and even with the Baha'i leaders who consider his as a right divine prophet.

Bahaullah writes in the book Iqan: Noah was one of the prophets who invited people to the safe valley of spirit for 950 years and nobody obeyed.

Consequently, the principles of the utterance reason isn't coincided with the Excellency Noah (P.H.) who was the first prophet and everyone and even the Baha'i leaders consider him as right divine prophet. Because he didn't influence on the people of his era and according to Bahaullah: "Nobody obeyed him."

Consequently, the utterance reason is the forged one made by the Baha'i leaders to pretend they are right.

After passing nearly 200 years of the emergence of Babism and Baha'ism movement, the statistics presented by them don't indicate the extensive influence of the Baha'is. A glance at the census data of the followers of religions on the earth the extent of influence of each one will be distinct.

According to the American census office in December, 2017 the population of the earth is estimated as seven billion and 600 million people. According to statistics, the Christians of the world are 32.89 percent which are divided into Ruman catholic 18.85 percent, protestan 8.15 percent, Orthodox 4.9 percent and Anglican 1 percent. Muslims 23.68 percent, Hinduism 11.84 percent, Buddhism 6.77 percent, Sikhism 0.35 percent, Jewish 0.22 percent and other religions 11.06 percent, 14.47 percent of the world population are irreligion and 2.01 percent are atheists.

According to this report, 0.11 percent are Baha'is. On the other hand, more than 55 percent of the total population of the earth are the followers of the divine religions of Christianity, Muslim and Jewish. Which faith or semi-religions look can claim for influence on the earth? Considering the interval of nearly two centuries, is 0.11 percent of influence the indication of the expansion of the influence domain? We think the universal house of justice and the followers of the Baha'ism cult are living in misgiving. Of course, the influence of Babism and Baha'ism is approaching to Zero in countries like Iran and Iraq as the source of their emergence.



One of the Baha'i proselytizers was Mina Yahya Zanjani who travelled to Zarg village for several day to proselytize for the Baha'ism cult. The Excellency Rahmani was his host. Mr. Mina Zanjani narrated for Mr. Rahmani about his activities as proselytizer:

"Even when people were eating bread, milet and maize, they were preparing the best foods for me. So, what does believing in Baha'ism mean?! My wife has also figured out that I don't believe in Baha'ism and I consider Abbas Effendi as an ordinary person. However, she doesn't reveal because she loves me so much. Sometimes, I curse Abbas Effendi. Nevertheless, my father-in- law Mr. Bemanullah isn't aware that I don't believe. Meanwhile, I smoked opium a lot. I looked at the clock at once and realized it was 5 a.m. It was the time for Muslims' prayer in winter. I said: My dear, I got tired. Let's sleep. We turned off the light and slept. It was really enjoyable. It was cold outside but was warm inside. We have changed three brazier from the first part of the night so far. The opium smoke remained in the room and helped us sleep better."

The dream which made Mirza Yahya Zanjani disheveled:

After a while, I felt somebody was pressing my arm and saying: Mr. Rahmani! I was fast sleeping. I moved and asked: Yes, please. I felt it was raining on my face. I came out of the blanket. I saw Mr. Mirza Yahya was crying. I said: Mr. Mirza Yahya! What's wrong? I got up hurriedly. I said: what's wrong? He said: Mr. Rahmani! I slept. I was dreaming I was in an extensive desert. Many people had gathered there. They were standing too close to be difficult for me to breathe.

The earth was too hot. Hotter than the kiln of ironsmith. I was extremely thirsty that my tongue had come out of my mouth. It was too dark that it couldn't be described. It was impossible for me to escape to find a cool place or find water. I became more thirsty. I saw a shadow. I approached myself to the shadow with difficulty. I saw it was a shadow of a hot black smoke. People were shouting. Everybody was saying: Alas! Alas! I approached a fire. I saw black men. I said: Alas! Where is it? They said: It is gathering-place of mankind on the day of judgment. I said: Alas! Is there any place for me to seek asylum? Is there anybody to help me? Is it possible for me to drink water? They said: who is your leader? I said: I was proselytizing for Bahaullah and Bab; but I don't believe in them. They said to me: You misled people while you don't believe in them. Refer to both of them to save you.

Suddenly, I saw some people chained by fire bonds. The angels Ghalaz and Shadad were hitting fire pillars on their heads and they were being dragged towards the hell. I asked: who are they? they answered: They are Seyyed Bab, Mirza Hussein Ali, Yahya Sobhi Azal, Abbas Effendi and Shoqi and Golpaygani had been kept behind Abbas Efendi: As soon as I saw them, I cursed. It was surprising for me that they were cursing me, too! I said: You are making my conditions so. They said: If you the proselytizers weren't and didn't proselytize for us and didn't mislead people, we would give up our claims! However, you didn't let us. They threw fire flames towards me and left. Suddenly, I saw people overran hurriedly. I said: where are they going? They said: They are going towards the Excellency Ali ibn Abutalib (peace be upon him) and his holy offspring to ask for help. I said: I'll go, too. The proclaimer told: No, you reject the existence of his offspring Mahdi and someone shouted and I woke up due to the loud voice fear. I was flinching and was anxious.

Mr. Rahmani! I discovered the reality Dear brother! God guided me. I realized that Bahaullah and Seyyed Bab can't save anybody against God's forture. Although these two people don't believe and aren't interested in the day of judgment, too. After that night, the Excellency proselytizer didn't participates at meeting in our village. He stayed for two or three days; then he left our village having anguish memoirs.   


 Because Hussein Ali Nouri, the forged prophet of Baha'is knew that one of the privileges of the divine prophets is their prevention from sins, he assumed a chastity rank for himself like other divine prophets; so that everything he was saying, his followers were obeying without any opposition.



Ishraqat book, page 58, line 4


In the book Ishraqat, page 58, line 4, Hussein Ali Nouri says in this regard:

" و اما العصمة الکبری لمن کان مقامه مقدساً عن الاوامر و النواهی و منزهاً عن الخطا و النسیان انه نور لا تعقبه الظلمة لا یعتریه الخطا لو یحکم علی الماء حکم الخمرو علی السماء حکم الارض و علی النور حکم النارحق لاریب فیه و لیس لاحدٍ ان یعترض علیه او یقول لم و بم"

"However, the major chastity is for the one whose rank is holy from each kind of orders and prohibitions and the one who is away from each sort of error and sin. He is the light after which no darkness follow and is the right action into which no error and dishonesty enter. If he judges water for wine, and heaven for land and fire for light, he will be right without any doubt. Additionally, nobody is merited to oppose him."

To be honest, it is a strange tale. Because Hussein Ali Nouri hasn't been able to ignore his humane habits and does deeds which are against chastity he defines chastity as follows: The prophets can do everything they like and every deed they do isn't against their chastity.




The book "Aqdas", page 45, line 4


Having such false belief, Hussein Ali Nouri says in the book "Aqdas, p.45, line4:

"لیس لمطلع الامر شریک فی العصمة"

"There won't be any partner in chastity for the manifestation of faith."

In belief, it means that Hussein Ali Nouri himself can do every action and no action prevents his chastity; but after him, no one is allowed to possess such rank and to be his partner.

However, the Baha'is didn't believe in their leader's book. They assumed this rank for Hussein Ali Baha'is successor, Abdul Baha, They assumed it for shoqi; too after Abdul Baha!

The instruction of the book "Aqdas" wasn't executed; although Baha'is believe that the Aqdas is higher and superior to the holy Quran and the Bible.


One of the teachings of evangelical Christianity is the necessity for the establishment of Israel documented by the Bible predictions. This issue clarifies that the evangelical have applied Christianity as means for Zionism interests.

The method of "adducing the predictions of the Bible for fulfilment of Israel government is the method on which the Judaism has described its aims.

Although in the Judaism, race and generation are basic and the real Jewish is the one who has been born Jewish; but the tendency towards Zionism isn't so and doesn't possess such limitation because a Zionist believes that the Jewish race is superior and believes in the establishment of this tribe government in the occupied lands.

The Baha'is are veteran in exploiting the method of adducing the  predictions of the Bible for fulfillment of Israel government as the founders of this deviant cut have exploited this method in their works. In the book "the heirs of Moses" page 23 & 24, they support the usurp regime completely using exactly the same gait of the evangelical proselytizers in interpreting the Bible and adducing it.

The interesting note is that they have proceeded the evangelical Christianity in this regard and have adduced the prophet the date for establishment of Israel government. They have said in that book: 1844 A.D. is the beginning of usurping Israel seriously and it has been stated in the prophet Daniel's book. As a matter of fact Baha'is and the evangelical Christianity possess a common mission which is being enemy of Islam and supporting the Zionist criminals completely.

Based on the report, other common aspects of Baha'is and evangelical Christianity in supporting Israel is arguing about the necessity for proselytizing among Muslims and creating opportunities for the occupying regime of Israel. Both cults are trying to educating forces inside the country to be used at riot time.

The mission of the proselytizing movement of Christianity in Iran is corrosive like Baha'ism cult's one among Muslim Iranians.

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