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Wednesday, 24 February 2021 08:26

Talking at Lunch Time

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Tomorrow morning, I headed off towards university to hand in my project prepared. After doing that, I went to university self-service to visit one of my friends to ask about the exam and to eat.

I entered into the self-service and searched for him. On a corner of saloon, I saw Jalal and Farhad. I felt they were existent in another world. They weren’t paying attention to their nearby tumult. In front of Jalal, there are some books accumulated which didn’t seem textbooks. He was continually speaking. He up and down picked up one of them, read and put it aside.


After the execution of Ali Muhammad Shirazi in Tabriz city, his followers rioted in several parts of the country including the event of Neyriz in Fars, Tabarsi fort in Mazandaran, Zanjan sedition and the massacre of some innocent people due to the riots. Following these events, Amir the Great, the chancellor of Iran called Hussein Ali Nouri and considered him as the cause of those riots and asked him to travel to holy Shrines in Iraq. Hussein Ali left Iran to travel to Iraq on Tir, 1230 S.H., too.


The forged prophet of Baha’ism orders his followers to avoid those who are opposing him. While the Baha’i leaders have introduced the independent investigation of truth is their first teaching. How is the independent investigation of truth fulfilling by neglecting the opponents statements?

By: Mahnaz Raoufi



Mrs. Faezeh Hashemi, I am Mahnaz Raoufi, a former active member of the Baha’is organization in Hamadan city. I have turned against the deviant cult of Baha’ism for 21 years and turned to dear Islam, Shiism.


The forged prophet of Baha’ism has announced in his book called “the Aqdas” that going up the pulpit is illegitimate; as we read:


Just nearly 13 years after Ali Muhammad Bab’s death, the forged prophet of Baha’ism claimed for his creed to be abolished. Why did Ali Muhammad Bab announced the Abolishment of the religion of Islam while his creed wasn’t in conformity with that time?!


The clergyman Abdul Qader Homayoun, the expert in familiarity and criticism of the deviant cult of Baha’ism: A glance at the book Mataleul Anwar, one of the most valid historical resources of Baha’ism reveals that morality in Baha’ism is merely a slogan and it can easily be said that morality in Baha’ism is just a tactic and method to attract Muslims and the followers of other religions towards this null cult.


In the book “Badi’a century”, Abdul Baha has prayed for the Ottoman government at the bottom of his heart to be survived; while Abdul Baha’s grandson has said: When the Baha’i leaders were in Ottoman borders, they were always attacked by them. It is surprising. Maybe, there were relationships between the Baha’is and Ottoman government.

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