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Tuesday, 21 January 2020 06:58

Hypocrisy in the Baha’i media

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In their media, the Baha’ism organization are speaking about peace, friendship and the oneness of humane world in one side and in other side, they are preaching hypocritical messages. They are speaking about perseverance and its concept but secretly their aim is different particularly the time when the country conditions are inchoate.

     However, the Baha’i media reveal their real intentions using special devilish acts and intrigue and encourage such riotous and destructive actions aiming overthrowing the Iranian system of government; although they have prohibited to meddle with policy by their leaders.


     What’s your opinion about this so-called encouraging message?



 The reality of a claim is revealing in the sensitive conditions.


In addition to the deviant belief of Sufism, all critics who criticizes the deviant cult believe that they keep in touch with the Colonialists and aliens. They have been commissioned to create differences among the Shiites. One of the Shiite scholars says about Sufism attribution to aliens: “Sufism, Sheikism and Baha’ism are three events from the same origin.”


For some time past, one of the Baha’i proselytizers called Nader Atoufi is cursing and insulting and using indecent words.


It can be said that the month Day, 1398 was one of the most difficult days of the Islamic revolution which was changed into the peak days of revolutionary movement of the Iranian nation for enshrining a brave man. However, an excuse was enough for the treacherous Baha’i media to come to the scene.


 The punishment for an adulterer is paying nearly 45 grams gold to the universal house of justice in Baha’ism. There isn’t any commandment for punishing the fornicating with a married woman. However, a person who is wealthy can deviate women and girls and make them unchaste in Baha’ism! Who is safe in a community in which the price of chastity is paying 45 grams gold?!


It can be said that Amir the great is one of the key officials in Qajar government who could stand against Baha’ism. In his period of time, the deviant cult of Baha’ism failed to achieve its goals. Amir tried hard to block expansion of the Babism sedition.


 Seyyed Kazem Mousawi said: “To get into power, Reza Khan was supported by the Jewish, Masonry and Baha’ism as three sides of a triangle.”

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