The American senate passed a resolution concerning the conviction of the Baha’i presecution and violating human rights of the minorities of Iran by the Iranian government

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The resolution was offered by 3 senators including Ron Wyden, Marco Rubio and John Boozman and a democrat senator called Dick Durbin to be voted.

     Concerning the importance of the resolution and the reaction of the Baha’i community towards it, Farhad Sabetiyian said to VOA: “The Baha’i community is really happy with investigating the violation of human rights in Iran and defending the oppressed minorities by the international community in various European countries and the north America and; of course, in the United Nations.

     The resolution offers statistics about the Islamic republic’s behavior with the followers of the deviant cult of Baha’ism since 1357 S.H. of course, the American ministry of foreign affairs was asked to exert sanctions concern with this issue.

     The answer:

     First: The Excellency Sabetiyan has welcomed the resolution with joy; but he hasn’t apparently realized that moving in government paths is contradictory with the Baha’i principle of not meddling with policy advised and stressed by the Baha’i leaders.

     Second: The Excellency Sabetiyan, as if you don’t follow the recent news. Nobody buys America’s words. No country supports America in the United nations except for Marshal islands, Micronesia, Togo and Nauru

     Third: The Baha’i and Babi movement are hated in the Iranian community. The Excellency Sabetiyan hasn’t apparently studied the history. The Baha’is penetrated in the Iranian court and the intelligent service of the second Pahlavi. They harassed Iranian people. You aren’t aware of the hidden plans of Babi and Baha’i movements. Such a solutions are beneficial for them to offer to so-called defend the human rights. Now, when you are joyfully speaking about the resolution, the tragedy of war crime in Yemen is performing by the American weapons!



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