Leadership in Baha’ism, was it happened as Abdul Baha predicted?

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Two inseparable pillars have been determined by Abdul Baha for the Baha’ism community leadership: “The Universal House of Justice and the guardian”. Abdul Baha considered the UHJ’s duty as legislating and that of guardian as chairmanship on Baha’ism. However, the legitimacy of the UHJ is in question when it is in lack of guardian.

     According to documents, Abbas Effendi determines two foundations as two pillars of the leadership of the Baha’i community: The Universal House of Justice and the guardian in its will tablets.

     He considers the UHJ task as legislating[1] and the guarding as the leader and the member of this foundation. He calls all Baha’is to obey his orders.[2]

     Also, Abbas Effendi considers holding the UHJ foundation meetings as false without the presence of guardian.[3] He also relates the Baha’is funds to the guardian.[4] He also emphasizes that the guardian must appoint a successor in order to prevent differences among Baha’is.[5]

     Now, Baha’ism organization is in lack of the guardian. Abbas Effendi (whom Baha’is consider as the divine leader) has been ignorant about the Baha’ism future. Additionally, the UHJ in Heyfa, Israel isn’t legitimate, undoubtedly.



[1] Refer to Abbas Effendi, the will tablets, the national assembly of the Baha’is of Pakistan, sterling publishing house, Nov, 1960, p. 21.

[2] Ibid, p.12.

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