The introduction of the book “violence, the means of Baha’ism”

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Baha’ism is of the new 20-century cults which was planned and designed by the then Colonial governments (Russia and England) and was performed by an agent in Iran called Ali Muhammad Bab. The cult claims for affection and the general peace; but in fact, it is a mere slogan which is superficially beautiful and attractive. During its lifetime, Baha’ism has fulfilled each sort of crime to achieve its goals and has executed the most violent behaviors against its opponents.

     The book narrates Babis and Baha’is crimes in Tabarsi, Zanjan, Neyriz, the martyrdom of the third martyr, Mulla Muhammad Taqi Baraqani, the reason for Najib Pasha’s attack to Karbala, Nasseruddin Shah’s assassination by the Baha’i agents, the difference between Azalis and Baha’is, the punishment committee, the Abarqou event and eventually the Baha’is role in 1388 sedition.

     The authors of the book tried to introduce violence in the Baha’ism cult and the contradictions in Baha’is speech and teachings.

     The book has been published in 1396 in 205 pages. The translation of the book into English language is underway.


     Call: 09127634081 or mail: to receive the book.

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