The Excellency Bab’s delusion

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Although the deviant cult of Baha’ism claims that the emergence of Mirza Hussein Ali Nouri is the emergence of the very promised man who has been given tiding to fill the world with peace and justice by all divine prophets and his faith will be expanded all over the world.

However, Mirza Hussein Ali Nouri didn’t believe in this idea. When asked, he promised a vague future. Azizullah Soleymani who was one of the Baha’is says in his book entitled “Masabih Hedayat”, Vol. 1, p. 263 line 2: “Warqa (Ali Muhammmad Yazdi who was one of the famous Baha’is and was killed along with his son, Ruhullah when king Nasruddin was shot in Tehran) asked the Blessed Beauty: How will God’s faith be expanded across the world? He answered: There will be a war in the world? Many people are being killed. The wise men gather together from all nations to search about the reason. They figure out that the reason for bloodshed is bigotry. The most severe one is the religious one. They try to remove religion. Then they realize that human being can’t exist without religion. So, they ask to for all the existing religions to be gathered to know which one is in accordance with the time exigencies. Then God’s faith will be expanded in the world.”


     This statement by Hussein Ali Baha is weak because of 3 following reasons:

1)   The religious bigotry has been removed for centuries and the chairmanship, ambitiousness and economic and political problems cause differences, disputes and bloodshed.

2)   Religion is a divine right and law which must be accordance with human nature and creation for the world discipline. It is obvious that the discipline of the world is equal in all times and human beings periods of life.

3)   Religion is regulations containing principles of facts and it is clear that facts are consistent in all stages.


     Yes, traditions and customs and humane wills are different in various places and times.


     The book “Masabih hedayat, Vol. 1, p. 263, line 2:



     Another note is that if the Excellency Baha’s illusions were to be ascertained no war should be occurred. We can observe that the hostile countries are plundering other ones. Basically, the investigation of bigotries haven’t been posed. Be careful, after removing Nazism as the symbol of racial discriminations, such belief grew after several decades in Germany on some other ones. So, not only human being doesn’t think of putting bigotries away; but also he/she is revitalizing it.



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