Why was Baha’s exile done along with the Russian ambassador?!

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 After the involvement of Hussein Ali Nouri in Naseruddin’s assassination proved, the Qajar government couldn’t revenge him by the law due to the Russian ambassador’s involvement.

     Shoqi Rabbani, Abdul Baha’s daughter’s son writes about Mirza Hussein Ali Nouri’s exile to Baqdad in the book Badi century p. 230: “The Excellency Bahaullah started his travelling to Baqdad city 9 month after returning from Karbala along with his blessed house hold and wife, the Iranian government agent and the representative of Russian embassy on Rabiussani 1269, January, 12, 1853.”

     None of the deviant cult of Baha’ism history

     The Russian embassy was afraid of its activities during several decades of rising the Babism movement to be vanished out of the history and for gaining certainty about the then Babism health took this measure. Unfortunately, it is being observed that the movement started from Iran and ended in Akka and Heyfa and had deep effects on the Iranian history especially during fifty years of the first and second Pahlavi governments in Iran confronting the Shiite thought.

     Anyway, the Russian government used his skillful spy it take Ali Muhammad Bab to Babism and Qaemism levels. After Bab’s execution, the spy completed his mission

     In the book Badi century written by Abdul Baha’s granddaughter the accompaniment has been exactly mentioned:






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