God’s sheep’s belief based on ex-proselytizer of Baha’ism!

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The Baha’ism prophethood claimant has claimed for divinity contrary to monotheistic religions. So, the Baha’i heads and proselytizers are trying to justify the atheistic claims of the forged Baha’ism prophet in public. They are also going to institutionalize their prophet’s believing in God among God’s sheep.

     Contrary to monotheistic religions, Hussein Ali Nouri, the prophethood claimant of Baha’ism has claimed for divinity: “All creatures have been created by my order and all the lords have been lords by my commandment.[1]

     Consequently, the Baha’i heads and proselytizers are trying to justify their forged prophet’s atheistic claims in public and they are also going to institutionalize their forged prophet’s believing in God and God creating among God’s sheep.[2]

     As Abdul Hussein Ayati, the famous ex-proselytizer of Baha’ism has clarified this reality for everybody by narrating a tale about God’s sheep’s beliefs: “I have continually heard that Ruhullah was so firm in his Akka city along with his father, Bahaullah himself said to him: Mirza Ruhullah! What will you do if I say I am joking; I am not God? The kid said: I proselytize you to return because I believe that there is no god but you.[3]

     Yes, the Baha’ism heads have educated such sheep that even they turn against their atheistic claim, their followers will never turn against.



[1] Abbas Effendi, Makatib, the electronic copy, Vol. 2, p. 255.

[2] God’s sheep means Hussein Ali’s sheep It is the title given to the Baha’i followers by the Baha’i heads in order to obey them like sheep

[3] Abdul Hussein Ayati, Kashful Hiyal, 3 volumes, Tehran: Bina, 1340 S.H. Vol. 2, p. 78.


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