Why was the Excellency Abdul Baha participating at Muslims’ group prayers?

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An extract for the memoir of a Baha’i proselytizer


Masihullah Rahmani is a person  who turns to Baha’ism faith. After a while he was commissioned to preach for the faith as a proselytizer. After a while, he turned against the faith observing various contradictions in this false faith and wrote his memoirs of the time when he was a proselytizer. The following is an extract from his memoirs regarding the Excellency Abdul Baha’s participation at Muslims’ group prayers in Heyfa port. The Excellency Abdul Baha mentions the time when he has travelled to Heyfa port, Israel to visit Abdul Baha… .

     It was Friday. At noon, many people were going and coming. Abdul Baha’s close companions were running everywhere. I asked a person quietly: What’s the matter? He said: The Excellency wants to pray. I got happy. I said to myself: I’ll stay here to kiss his hands whenever the Excellency exits, I’ll walk with him to remind the gifts. Then, I’ll participate at group prayer along with a group of Baha’is. I’ll stand in the first row. I won’t leave him. However, I remember that there isn’t any group prayer in Baha’ism. As Seyyed Ali Muhammad Bab says:

"فی حرمه صلوه الجماعه الا صلوه المیت فانکم تجمعون و لکن فرادی تقصدون."

     “The group prayer is illegitimate except for the death prayer; surely you must be in group but with individual intention.” [The Persian Bayan, p. 324]

     I was thinking of such issues when the door was opened. A group of people had surrounded a man wearing white cloth, clean Arabic shoes, small simple turban with long black beard. I was certain that he himself was Abbas Effandi. I came forward and said Allahu Abha. The surrounding group looked at me angrily and shouted: Why didn’t you say hello? Be ashamed. Get away!! What did they say? We had been taught to say Allahu Abha instead of saying hello.

     I got more surprised. What is Abbas Effandi doing here in Muslims’ main mosque?! Maybe, he is the prayer leader of Muslims! I entered into the mosque. Abbas Effandi stood in the first row. I went forward with difficulty and stood next to him.

     The Muslim prayer leader came in and everybody followed. Abdul Baha followed him, too. Between two prayer, I said to Abdul Baha silently: have the gifts received? Abdul Baha turned back angrily and said: Be silent. Don’t say anything. Come here.

     After the prayer, Abdul Baha stood up and left. I asked the group: who is the man? They said: we don’t know him. He is a good man. Everyday, he is participating at group prayer. I understood that the Heyfan people don’t know Abdul Baha and Abbas Effandi has also tried people to know him as a Muslim. Baha’is are hiding their real character to deceive Muslims.

     Anyway, I went to Abdul Baha’s house at night. I entered into the house. I saw an organization which was indescribable!! It was a palace. Is it Abdul Baha’s house? I saw him in a devoutly conditions, today!!! I went into the dining room. Abdul Baha arrived there wearing chic cloth

     It is obvious that the Baha’ism leaders had hidden their false faith issue for periods of time. Baha’ism and Abdul Baha supported the English army to fake possession of Heyfa port, a part of the Palestine land and confront against the Ottoman army. For this reason, he received the Sir medal.




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