Baha’ism is a cult

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Written by: Fatimah Ranjbar




Baha’ism isn’t a religion; but it is a Colonial cult which isn’t divine. The great and supreme leader of the Islamic Revolution the Excellency Khomeini (P.H.) considered Baha’ism as a political party and stated:

     “Baha’ism isn’t a religion. It is a party which was supported by England before and now it is being supported by America.” (Sahifeh Nour, Vol. 17, pp. 266-267)

     Baha’ism support by the Colonialism can’t be hidden. By studying the Baha’i books and the existent documents, it can be concluded that Baha’ism is a Colonial cult. In this part, we are going to offer several documents in this regard to be paid attention:

1)   During World War I, Abdul Baha was the chairman of Baha’ism. He pretended to be Muslim and he even participated at the Muslim group prayer contrary to Baha’ism tradition. In the middle part of the war, he was spying for the great Britain against the Ottomans to such an extent that Jamal Pasha, the commander in chief of the ottoman forces decided to hang him in Kermel mountain (Qarn-e-Badia’, Vol. 3, p. 297-298). As soon as the British intelligent service received the news, Lord Curzon and Lord Lamington tried hard. Lord Balfour was the foreign minister of England ordered General Allenby (the commander in chief of English troops in Palestine) to save and keep Abbas Effendi, his family and friends. General Allen by ordered Heyfa front commander to take necessary measures to save the Baha’is chairman. After saving Abbas Effendi, General Allenby sent a telegraph to London and reported the Excellency Abbas Effandi health.

     When the aggressive English troops arrived at Palestine, Abbas Effendi welcomes them and offered the alien army the great reservoirs provided and hidden for them; while there was famine in Palestine land due to the war. He could receive the Sir medal and knighthood one due to his services to England. (Bahaullah and the new era, p. 77)

2)   Abdul Baha died on November, 28, 1921 when he was 78. Concerning the events happened after his death, it is written in the book Qarn-e-Badi’a apge 638 by Shoqi Effendi:

          Important newspaper across the world such as the Times of London, the Morning Post, the Daily Mail, the New York world, the Lutan and the Indian times and several various journals in various years wrote detailed articles and glorified him in the path of oneness of humanity and establishing peace and prosperity for human beings …

     Totally, Baha’ism was basically emerged having definite aims. At the present time, it is a means for the new and old Colonialism.



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