Sedition, Baha’ism, claim and action!

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Note: Baha’ism, a cult without point of view



 The Baha’ism organization can’t resist against the existent opportunities to confront against the Islamic republic of Iran because the real spirit of Baha’ism and its followers is contrary with being silent and being busy with itself. It tries to misuse in maximum rate.

     However, it observes its unsuccessful previous experiences in the previous seditions, it cares very much. It tries to evade its previous accusations in addition to severely hidden ambulation via vain justifications and excuses.

     Recently, the claim for not meddling with policy. They try to prove it by republishing several statements from the books and the cult heads’ orders. However, alongside with the above-mentioned activities, it wants people to stand against the government in order to have relaxed lives.

     Based on the known policies, Baha’ism tries to worsen the current situation by dispersing false news, speaking with the youth and intriguing them to do anti-governmental activities.

     The networks related to them are preaching and casting films, images, gossips, conflicts and … .

     Contrary to other political groups which are considered enemies and become excited with the slightest event inside the country and try to misuse the circumstance, this deviant cult proceeds its movements and positions not endangering its position.

     As observed in 1388 sedition, the cult entered into the anti-governmental riots and activities carefully.

     The Baha’ism heads and their decision making centers have continually stressed on not meddling with policy; not because they believe in their commandments or not fighting with the Islamic Republic of Iran; bur because they have considered its dangers more than its benefits.

     The other reason is that Baha’is don’t concentrate on a medium in its new media; but it divides it among various media having various subjects in order to negate it when something’s wrong or an issue makes sensitivity. In this situation, they cult their relationships with that medium.

     Officially, Baha’is prevent themselves to meddle with policy; but the existence of this political party will be is impossible if they don’t do the tendentious and anti-governmental action to achieve their goals.


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