Jamshid Ma’ani, a touchstone for Baha’ism

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One of the reasons posed by the Baha’i religion makers to justify their prophethood and abolishing of Islam is the permanent need of human being to renovate religions.[1] However, it is interesting to be known that nearly a century after the Baha’i religion makers’ death, Jamshid Ma’ani claimed for receiving inspiration and Baha’ism abolition offering reasons similar to the Baha’ism leaders. A person who wasn’t obeyed by any Baha’i!

     So, posing the discussion of the necessity for the conformity between religion and the expediencies of each era and the claim that the Islamic teachings don’t correspond with the spirit of their era, the Baha’I leaders claimed: “Each period of time has its own expediency. God bestows His grace to people according to each period of time expediencies. Religion should be in accordance with time expediencies.[2]

     Nevertheless, it is interesting to be known that nearly a century after the death of Baha’i religion makers, a person called Jamshid Ma’ani claimed for receiving inspiration and abolition of Baha’ism by offering Arabic writings and reasons similar to the Baha’ism leaders’ ones.[3]

     However, the Baha’ism organization which considers the continuity of the divine grace in renovating religions as the reasons for the abolition of Islam and its legitimacy has prevented its followers to have social intercourses with him (whose reasons were similar to the Baha’i leaders’ ones)!

     Nevertheless, if we believe in the necessity for religion renovation, we should believe in Baha’ism abolition by Jamshid Ma’ani. Because the expiry date has finished during a century. Yes, an organization which proscribes Muslims continually due to believing in finality of the Excellency Muhammad (P.H.) hews this belief about its prophet!

     A Brief explanation:

     Jamshid Ma’ani entitled Samaullah is the founder of Samawi cult in Baha’ism. After differences over succession in Baha’ism and after Shoqi Effendi’s death, Jamshid Ma’ani who was one of the Baha’is of Torbat Heydariyeh and living in Indonesia rejected the universal house of justice structure. In 1964, he introduced himself as the promised on of the Aqdas book and the one whom God will manifest and a new prophet with a new religion. He organized his followers based on a structure called the House of Mankind.

     John Carre who was one of the Baha’is of Mariposa city, California first supported Ma’ani movement. Proselytizing and inviting the Baha’is to a new religion, he expanded his ideas. However, he turned against his idea after four months associating with Ma’ani and rejected his prophethood. His few followers are living in scattered regions in Indonesia, India, Pakestan, Iran and America.


[1] Refer to: Abdul Baha, the Sermons, Bija: the national institute of the faith press, Bita, Vol. 2, p. 150-151.

[2] Ishraq Khawari, the kingdom of heaven message, Bija: Bina, Bita, p. 190.

[3] For more study refer to Ismaeel Raeen, branching in Baha’ism after Shoqi Rabbani’s death, Tehran: the research institute of Raeen, Bita.


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