A prophet whose works needed to be revised by his writer!

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 Confessed by the Baha’i sources, Hussein Ali Nouri’s so-called spiritual writings have been gradually revised by his writer. However, has the forged prophet who has claimed for infallibility and having the divine science been unable to find his writing errors?!

     “It is really important to be known that the mentioned grammatical and style changes have been done during the time and Hussein Ali Nouri’s writer called Zayyenul Moqarrabin himself has suggested them; so various handwriting are different from each other approximately.[1]

     Nevertheless, according to the Baha’is, the only reason for the legitimacy of prophets is the verses’ sending down[2]. So, why infallibility hasn’t been the mere reason for the legitimacy of Hussein Ali Nouri?! Has the prophet who has claimed for infallibility[3] been unable to errors for his writings?!




[1] Khosrow Dehqani, the Iqan sun the brilliant ray in the faith field, the electronic copy, p. 34.

[2] The verses of the book is the mere reason for the holy, Ali Morad Dawari, the article and letter in various issues, arranged by Vahid Ra’fati, Bija: the Baha’i knowledge institute, 150 Badi’a, p. 329.

[3] Refer to Hussein Ali Nouri, the Iqan, Germany; the national assembly of the Baha’i work publications in the Persian and Arabic languages, 1986, p. 64.


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