The Baha’i Amanat family

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Hussein Amanat is one of the heads of the Baha’is of Canada. He was born in a Baha’i family in Kashan city, 1321 S.H. Abbas Amanat is Hussein Amanat’s brother. He is one of the bigoted Baha’is community in the North America. He has extensive social intercourse with the Zionist lobby in America. He is also one of the members of the editorship council of Encyclopedia Iranica. During the Pahlavi period of time, Hussein Amanat was a young architect who was succeeded to build Shahyad (Azadi0 square of Tehran city supported by the powerful Baha’i lobby in Iran. Although winning the competition wasn’t possible without the aid of the Influential Baha’is, Amanat built Azadi tower to the honor of commemorating 2500-year Iranian kingdom celebrations as the symbol of “the modern Iran” and “the great civilization gate” in the 20th century.

     After the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Amanat insisted on his null thoughts, obeyed the deviant cult of Baha’ism beliefs and sought asylum to Canada. However, against his expectation the Canadian architecture community didn’t welcome the Baha’i Iranian architect and he just became the special architect for designing the Baha’is special worship places such as: The Baha’is center in Virginia state, the U.S., the Baha’is center in Texas, the U.S. and the Universal House of Justice building (1380 S.H.) and Ali Muhammad Shirazi’s (Bab) tomb in Heyfa.

     The last center sponsored financially by the Zionistic regime and Britain. It is considered as the most important center for the Baha’is gathering in Israel.

     Other works by Hussein Amanat are as follows: The Baha’i international proselytizing house (1380 S.H.), the Baha’i works compartment which is located around the highest position buildings, the dawning place of the mention of God in Samoa (a country located at Oceania continent). It is said that the designing of Shahyad Square in Tehran city (Azadi Square) has been imitated after an academic construction design in Tanzania.

     Now, the question is: What is the Excellency Amanat’s incentive to design and build such constructions?! Definitely, he believes the Baha’ism influence must be expanded across the world. So, Amanat is a bigoted Baha’i who is trying paying attention to the historical realities of the emergence of the deviant cult of Baha’ism.


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