Functionless scholars!

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 Confronting an example of the Baha’i leaders’ being functionless in their forged commandments, the Baha’i proselytizer had no way but being silent:

     Questioner: Why wouldn’t the Baha’i leaders act if the commandments issued by them were from God?!

     The Baha’i proselytizer: It is impossible for our leaders to act against their commandments. Do you have any reason for your claim?!

     Questioner: The Excellency Baha has said in the book “Aqdas”:

"لاتَحلقوا رُئوسکم قَد زَیَّنها الله بالشَّعر ...لا یَنبغی ان یتجاوزَ عن حدِ الاذان هذا ما حَکَمَ به مولی العالَمین"[1]

     “Don’t shave your heads because God decorated them with hair… It isn’t merited for your hair to exceed your ears. This is a commandment from your world master.”

     Questioner: Have you ever paid attention to the Excellency Baha and Abdul Baha’s photos?!!!



[1] Hussein Ali Nouri, the book “Aqdas”, the electronic copy, paragraph 44, p. 42.


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