Ayatollah Muhammad Taqi Baraqani was called “the third martyr”!

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The important role of Ayatollah Muhammad Taqi Baraqani’s life (known as the third martyr) in directing people and campaigning against the deviant thoughts of Sheikism and Babism has been mentioned in history. This great scholar was eventually martyred by the blind Babis in the mosque. Although the Baha’i historians are trying to reject the Babis role in his martyrdom; but their confess indicated the Babism direct role in this crime.

     The story began when Sheikh Ahmad Ehsaee (the leader of Sheikism creed) preach beliefs which were contrary to Shiite ones. However, the scholars were careful against him because he had intimate relationships with the Iranian court and the Ottoman king[1]” at the end of his life, Sheikh Ahmad came to Qazvin city and preached his ideas.[2] Meantime, the great scholar Baraqani considered it the best way to debate him. At that long debate, late martyr found many errors in Ehsaee’s beliefs and rendered his weak answers null. However, Sheikh Ehsaee insisted his deviant and shaky views. Consequently, this brave source of religious authority decreed he was atheist. Following this event, famous source of religious jurisprudence judged he was atheist. They were Mulla Ja’far Astar Abadi, Shariful Olama Seyyed Ibrahim, Sheikh Muhammad Hussein the owner of the book “Fosoul”, Sheikh Muhammad Hassan Najafi the owner of the book “Jawaher”, Mulla Agha Dar Bandi and etc.[3]

     Nevertheless, one of the pupils of Sheikism school called Ali Muhammad Shirazi claimed for being Mahdi and his followers massacred the Iranian people. Meantime, the great scholar Baraqani issued the commandment considering Babis as atheists. He revealed the depraved elements of Babism and rendered their deviant beliefs null offering reasons.[4]

     The followers of Bab’s creed couldn’t tolerate the third martyr’s intellectual confrontation against the deviant movement of Babism; so they planned to assassinate him. However, the Baha’i historians are trying to deny the role of Babis in the martyrdom of the great scholar; but based on the existent documents and evidence, Babis have undoubtedly martyred the great scholar Baraqaniled by Qorratul Ein. So, two weeks before the martyrdom of the free scholar, Qorratul Ein ordered Babis to exit Qazvin city (except for the murderers of Baraqani). As Muhammad Mustafa Baqdadi who was a Baha’i narrated his memoir about the event:

     “I was ordered to tell them to leave Qazvin city; as if, a great earthquake was going to be happened… I returned and announced. They said to me to go to Qorratul Ein to say Seikh Saleh Karimi and Mulla Ibrahim Mahallati don’t want to leave with us! When I said the issue to Qorratul Ein. She said to me to return to them and say Sheikh Saleh and Mulla Ibrahim Mahallati’s time has been ended. It is their time to be alive by martyrdom; it is not your time to be martyred; if so it will be death.[5]


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