Introducing the Baha’i torturers of SAVAK Parviz Sabeti

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 PArviz Sabeti was the most famous manager of third general office of SAVAK and was the offspring of Hussein. He was born in Sangsar, Semnan city, 1315 S.H. in a Baha’i family. He passed his elementary educations in Husseiniyeh and Shahpasand schools in Sangsar and continued his high school years in Firouz Bahram school in Tehran city. In 1337, he received his B.S. degree in law course from Tehran university of. At that year, he was employed in SAVAK. In 1345, he was appointed as the chairman of the first office of the third general office of SAVAK. In 1349, he became the second assistant of the third general office of SAVAK. He continued this post by the end of the Pahlavi regime. Parviz Sabet had been introduced to SAVAK on Bahman 1337 by the then general director of the sixth general office of SAVAK: called Zarrabi. He has written his biography to employ in SAVAK as follows:

     “… I have resided in Tappehsar Sangsar, Semnan since my birth till Mehr, 1328. I came to Tehran city to continue my education since Mehr, 1328. I have lived in my sister’s husband, Muhammad Hussein Rahmaniyan. Since Mehr, 1331 my family came to Tehran city, too. They lived in Mr. Rahmaniyan’s house, too, till Isfand 1334. Earlier 1335, my father prepared a house for us to live there. I have been busy teaching at Saber school in Asiyab Doulad, Tehran since 1326. When I have been free from education, I have helped my father with doing business in Tehran city. During 1322 to 1328 I was at elementary schools called Husseinieh and Shahpasand, Sangsar. During 1328 to 1334 I was at high school called Firouz Fahram and Tehran. I was studying law in law college of Tehran university from 1334 to 1337. I got my B.S. degree in judicial course in Khordad, 1337. I am dominant on English language. I have studied in judicial, administrative, economic and political affairs. I have four brothers… and a sister… . I have lived in a Baha’i family since birth and my parents have been Baha’is; but I have been and am Muslim since maturity and the beginning of high school education., I am the supporter of my mother from 1337/10/24 to 1338/10/24 and I am excused with serving in military service. The thesis of my education in law college is about those who aren’t being punished; that is, minor children and mad people. As you see, I am from Sangsar where is a tribal locality whose people love the king and their hometown. The movement of Sangsar people in the national one of 28th of Mordad is the reason for this claim. I am a person who is love of the king and my hometown.”

     Sabeti was sent to Israel and lead a group of SAVAK agents and probably was in close touch with Mossad. He was known as “SAVAK spokesman” and “a security official” earlier 1350s. He was mainly running SAVAK organization. He was meddling with SAVAK agencies out of the country which were out of his authorities.

     He was appointed as the general director of the third office (interior security) of SAVAK by general Nasiri, the chairman of SAVAK and practically became all-round person in SAVAK.


Parviz Sabeti is interviewing in a TV network as a security official


     The reports given to the king were set by Sabeti and his group. He played an important role in appointing governmental officials and parliament representatives. Even, the activities of the kingdom family members were being supervised and by him. People such as Manouchehr Azmoun, Darius and Hedatullah Islami Nia were his spies and were in touch with him directly.


     Sebeti was Hoveyda’s close friend. He was reporting his available information to Hoveyda every Wednesday night when Sabeti visited him. He was one the agents for continuity and stabilization of Hoveyda’s power undoubtedly.



     The armed leftists called him “Curved eyebrow” He went to TV several times as the “Security official” and spokesman. At that time, the NewYork time had claimed that SAVAK possesses 5 million employees. Sabeti answered:

     “I don’t think that the security organizations of America and the Soviet Union possess such numbers of agents. This number was surprising and ridiculous for me. We have two kinds of staffs. A group is the official employees of the security organization who receive salaries like other governmental ones. Another group which is more and haven’t been officially employed may be the employees of government.”

Receiving court medals

From left to right: Parviz Sabeti, Ne’matullah Nasiri


     SAVAK crimes on Evin hills

     One of the important crimes during the dominance of Sabeti on SAVAK goes back Farvardin, 30, 1354 when nine heads of the leftists (Fadaee Khalq and Mojahedin Khalq) were shot without trial when they were transferring from Evin prison.

     Bijan Jazani who was one of the devotee partisans along with six other devotee partisans called Hassan Ziya Zarifi, Ahmad Jalili Afshar, Mashouf Kalantari, Aziz Sarmadi, Muhammad Choopan Zadeh, Abbas Souraki accompanied by Mostafa Javan Khoshdel and Kazem Zolanwar who were two members of Mojahedin Khalq organization ere shot on the hills nearby Evin prison ordered by the king done by Sabeti.


     One of the most important narrations which proves Sabeti’s role in this crime is the explanation by Bahman Naderi pour (known as Tehrani), one of SAVAK torturers in the revolution court in 1358. Tehrani said in the court:

     “The prisoners were delivered. We waited in the café’ near Evin prison. We went up the hills nearby Evin prison through a road passing inside Evin village. They made prisoners get off the van while their hands and eyes had been closed. They made prisoners sit on the ground in line. When they sat on the ground, Atapour (SAVAK investigator) came a step forward and made a speech. He said: As your friends denounced our colleagues and friends in their courts and killed them, we decided to execute and kill you as their intellectual leaders. This statement was opposed by Biajn Jazani and several other people. However, I don’t know Atapour or Colonel Waziri (the then chairman of Evin prison) was the first who shot them with a machine-gun.”

The interview of the security official


     Sabet, the agent that caused Rajavi not to be executed

     According to page 282 of his memoirs, Parviz Sabeti changes Kazem Rajavi, Masoud Rajavi’s elder brother into a SAVAK agent apying monthly 1000  Franks. In 1350, following AVAK’s attack to Mojahedin Khalq organization, the members of the organization are being arrested. Kazem Rajavi calls Sabeti to save his brother, Masoud Rajavi. Sabeti says in this regard:

     I made a report concerning this issue that his brother has done these activities for SAVAK and Masoud Rajavi wasn’t executed because the king commuted.


     Hamid Ashraf escaped from Sabeti:

     Hamid Ashraf, the leader of the armed Marxist of Fadaiee Khalq partisans was being pursued by police and SAVAK during the years 1354 to 1355

     Ashraf was so important for the king that the king was always asking Nasiri and Sabeti about him:

     “Whenever several elements of the organization were being arrested or killed in the conflicts, the king was asking about Hamid Ashraf.”



     At last, Hamid Ashraf and 10 elements of the organization were killed on Tir, 1355 after hours conflicting between SAVAK and him. One of the greatest security achievements of Sabeti for the king regime was killing Hamid Ashraf and destroying the centrality of Fadaee (devotee) partisans.


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