The forged prophet of Baha’ism: A contradiction in abolishment claim

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 The forged prophet of Baha’ism, Hussein Ali Mazandarani claims for the abolishment of the Bayan commandment when the Aqdas was sent down. He believes that the Bayan commandments aren’t practicable for its followers, anymore. He has also cursed those who consider Bayan invalid and believed that not only the book Bayan and its commandments haven’t been abolished; but also it won’t be abolished in the future, too.

The book Badi’a, p. 390, lines, 6,11, 17:


We read in this page:


     In this regard, Hussein Ali Nouri says on page 390:

"قل ان المشرکین ظنوا بانا اردنا ان ننسخ ما ترل علی نقطه البیان... و لکن اراد بهذا الظهور ان یثبت ماترل من عند نقطه البیان... فسوف نثبت احکامه و نبرهن آثاره فی الارض بقدره و سلطان مبینا"

     “Lo! The atheists have believed that we will to abolish what has been sent on Ali Muhammad Bab… but God wanted to settle what has been sent on Ali Muhammad Bab through this emergence and to make His signs on the earth powerfully.

     The forged prophet of Baha’ism also writes about the high-ranked status of the book Bayan in the book the collection of the Blessed Tablets page: 350: “… Ali Muhammad Bab has written in the Persian Bayan in detail. Refer to it to be enough for you.”

The book “the collection of the Blessed Tablets” page 350, line 13


     According to Mirza Hussein Ali, what Ali Muhammad Shirazi stated about beheading, massacre plundering, crimes and burning books and papers and destroying tombs in the book Bayan is more popular than what are existent in the heavens and earth! Hussein Ali Nouri has confirmed the book Bayan so much because he has wanted to prove his status and position as he whom God will manifest. So, he says in the book “Al-Eqtedarat” pp. 45-46:

     “Everybody knows this greatest emergence which is “sent down by the book Bayan has been proved and fulfilled and God’s name has been heightened and God’s signs has been expanded in the east and west. The Persian Bayan has been signed in this emergence; so it is continually written that the Bayan has been abolished in order to make doubts in the hearts.”

     To put my pen down, when the critics criticize the irrational words of Ali Muhammad Bab, Mirza Hussein Ali Nouri says Bab’s words aren’t due to the Baha’is. Because the book “Bayan” has been abolished by the book “Aqdas”. Nevertheless, when those who reject Baha ask for a document to prove the position of he whom God will manifest, he says to refer to the book “Bayan”!!!


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