Baha’ism a toy for the arrogant countries

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In one of the summits called the city lantern in Baharestan, Isfahan, the clergyman Ali Reza Rouzbahani mentioned the deviant thoughts of Baha’ism and expressed: Instability in the fundamental rudiments of this cult has caused it to be considered as a social deviant cult.

     He added: If we investigate the religion of Islam and the divine prophets and Imams are even their disciples, we will learn very firm and informative notes.

     He continued: In his first work called the interpretation of Al-Yousof chapter, Ali Muhammad Bab claimed for being the gate for the Shiite 12th Imam, Imam Mahdi (May Allah hasten his reappearance).

     Stating that Ali Muhammad Bab has repented two times during his lifetime due to his claims, Ali Reza Rouzbahani mentioned: The repentance text has been published in that book: Damn on those who consider me as the absent Imam’s attorney, damn on those who call me the gate for Imam, damn on those who reject the prophethood of the Excellency messenger of God, damn on those who call me as the rejecter of the divine prophets, and the Imamate of the commander of the faithful and other holy Imams.

     He clarified: Anyway, there is no doubt that Ali Muhammad Bab is neither the gate for Imam of the time (P.H.) nor the Imam od the time himself; but he is a deviated person who directs many people towards the hell with himself.

     Rouabahani continued: One Baha’ism considered it necessary for the existence of miracle for prophets and once it rejected; as a matter of fact there is nothing but contradiction and bafflement in Baha’ism concerning miracle issue.

     He added: The main teaching of Baha’ism is the oneness of human world; while Abdul Baha has called the black Africans as cows in the book “the Sermons”, Vol. 3, p. 48.

     He emphasized: The Zionistic aims and Baha’ism leaders’ writings can’t be separated from each other because Baha’ism and Israel help each other at the time of need.

     He mentioned: The deviant cult of Baha’ism has never denounced the Zionistic regime’s evil-minded measured. Baha’ism has been a toy in the colonial powers’ hands to be exploited. It is a prescribed copy by the Colonial world for domination on the Iranian Shiite land.


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