The claim for Baha’ism to be independent from Babism. Why?!

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When the Baha’i proselytizer confront non-intellectual and rough commandments and methods of Ali Muhammad Bab and don’t have any reason to justify or adapt them with their forged and invented teachings, they immediately evade answering the claim for Baha’ism to be independent from Babism. However, has this proselytizers’ justification been acceptable?! To answer the Baha’is justification, it is necessary to be said that the Baha’i proselytizers can’t evade Babism contradictions with their forged slogans due to the following reasons:

1)   The forged prophet of Baha’ism has been one of the heads of the Babi movement and acted as the partner for all of their crimes; the ones which have been stated by Abdul Baha so: “You must be fair. One of the Bayan commandments (: Ali Muhammad Shirazi’s book) is beheading all people on the earth) and burning all books and papers and conquering the east and the west and destroying tombs.[1]

2)   The forged prophet of Baha’ism has continually called himself as the real promised one of Bab creed and the Baha’i proselytizers have posed many justifications to prove it [2] while if it is so, how can Baha’ism reject its rout?!

3)   The forged prophet of Baha’ism has clearly rejected each kind of claiming for excommunication of the Bab’s faith: “Know that O’ tribe, the divine slave (: Baha) has been going to prove what has been sent down since his previous emergence of Noqteh Bayan (: Ali Muhammad Shirazi). I haven’t moved except for God’s satisfaction… Tell, O’ the shameless of the earth (: addressing Bab’s followers), what has been sent down in this emergence has been and will be those words by Noqteh Oula (: Ali Muhammad Shirazi)[3].” Thus, if the Excellency Baha hasn’t told lies about the excommunication of Bab’s faith, the Baha’is will be forced to answer his character sketch.

4)   Baha’ism is one of the two groups and cults which declares Babism legitimacy. Thus, Baha’ism is considered as the mere one which reveres the Excellency Bab in action and word to such an extent that it applies the title of the highest lord for the Bab.[4] Practically, Baha’is have built a splendid tomb for Ali Muhammad Bab which is more splendid than Baha’s.[5]


How can the Baha’ism organization introduce one of its teachings as the conformity between religion and science and wisdom and also praises the claimant of Babism prophethood using special tricks of Baha’ism while it evades justifying of his irrational commandments as the mere claimed forerunner?! Abdul Baha assumed everything which is against science as groundless fear:

“If the religious issues are against wisdom and science, they will be groundless fear because ignorence is opposite science and if we say religion is against wisdom it will mean religion is ignorence.[6]

How can a factitious cult be the theological foundation of Baha’ism?! So, Baha’ism cult has been founded on Ali Muhammad Bab’s claims which are contradictory and baseless. That’s why Hussein Ali Nouri has prohibited asking Bab’s Bayan book question.[7]



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[2] Islam Khawari, the treasury of limitations and commandments, Bija: the national institute of the faith press, 134 Badi’a, p.383.

[3] For more studies refer to the article: the Aqdas prolongation of Bayan or …?!

[4] For more studies refer to the article: confessing to Baha’is atheism in the anniversary of Bab’s perdition.

[5] Abbas Effendi, the Sermons, Egypt: attempted by Farajullah Zakiul Kurdi, 1921 A.D. vol. 2, p. 24.

[6]  " حرّم علیکم السّؤال فی البیان..."                                                                                                                          Hussein Ali Nouri, the Aqdas, the electronic copy, paragraph 126: pp. 118- 119.


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