Women, the most influential factor in expanding the Baha’ism influence (part one) From Tahireh to Rouhiyeh

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Regarding the Key and influential role of women in all pillars of the community and the social movements, the heads of the deviant cult of Baha’ism have used and use women as the main factor of deviating from the right path and attracting people to this Colonial creed since the establishment of the cult; that is, since Ali Muhammad Bab exited using the orders of the Zionistic power centers.

Studying Muslims’ behaviors and teachings, the Colonialists have found out that it is impossible to deviate Muslims directly out the divine religion and their direct path. For this reason, they have found its key instructions by studying the Quranic verses, traditions and religious customs deeply and they have tried to contradict and blemish them in public minds of Muslims. The most important notes of Muslims are as follows:

1)   Muslim are being directed by clergymen.

2)   Group prayer as one of the best method for attracting and unity of Muslims and making Muslims aware.

3)   The close relationship between religion and policy

4)   Cleanliness of generation which guarantees human one

5)   Women chastity as the greatest part of the community health.

6)   The role of women in educating future men and the community in total.

7)   Holy war in God’s path.

So, we observe that the enemies have contradicted clergymen in their made and forged creed called Baha’ism[1] and claimed for separation of religion and policy. David keeps the delegation of French Baha’is says in this regard:

“This religion doesn’t recognize clergymen nor the religious source officially while it encourages the equality between men and women…[2].


Sedition Voidance water:

Although they are superficially rejecting meddling with policy; but they are asking for interfering with all affairs in their lectures, books and teachings. Keepz, the Baha’i delegation in France says in the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the foundation of the deviant cult of Baha’ism:

“In order to hasten the change processes towards the universal peace, the Baha’is meddle with the educational measures and the improvement of the social conditions across the world[3] ”.

The Baha’is have also prohibited each religious group movement. For this reason, they don’t have group prayer… Of course, it doesn’t mean they aren’t united but they are prevented to do religious actions in group in Muslim society.

Baha’is believe that getting married with intimacies except for father’s wife is allowable (even getting married with sisters, aunts, nieces and nephews are permissible). This is the filthiest instructions by Baha’is to increase their generation.

A glance at the historical excursion of the cult and its written and published instructions indicates that these actions done by the spies have been of the most important principles accepted by them. They believe:


“… These days are the days of interval. So, it isn’t necessary for people to do any task. Although in Bab’s religious law, a woman is allowed to get married with nine husbands; but if she likes, she can have more. Everybody of that group called himself by the prophets’ names. Whenever they gathered together, they were drinking wine. They were allowing their wives to enter into alien assemblies to drink or to give drink frankly.[4]

Field Marshal Hussein Fardoust mentions many examples of the abrasive behaviors of unrestrained Baha’i men like Hoveyda and etc. Additional, several people like Sobhi, the repented Baha’i narrates many samples in his book called “Sobhi’s memoirs”

Qorratul Ein, the immoral woman played an influential role in introducing people and attracting people to the deviant cult of Baha’ism addressed her followers of Babism.


 “O’ disciples, these days are the interval ones. Today, the legitimate duties have been nullified at once. Fasting, praying and mentioning God are vain… So, don’t get yourselves into troubles and let your wives be cohabitant with other men![5]

With the excuse of peace and the slogan of the equality of men and women, they brought women on stage in all arenas as puppets handled by the Zionists.

The Excellency Imam Khomeini (P.H.) revealed about Baha’is:

“There is a truth. Refer to last two or three years of the calendars of these Baha’is, it has be written that the equality of men and women’s rights is Abdul Wahhab’s view, the sirs are also obeying them… Making women militaristic is Abdul Wahhab’s view. Its source is existent. Don’t say there isn’t…[6]”.   



[1] The universal faith, p, 71.

[2] Islamic Republic of Iran correspondence, dated 1372/2/21, narrated by the French correspondence.

[3] Islamic Republic of Iran correspondence, dated 1372/2/21, narrated by the French correspondence.

[4] Abdul Hussein Nawaee, Bab’s sedition, p. 14.

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[6] Sahifeh Noor, vol.1, p. 56.

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