The supervising organizations in trade domains must be careful about “the silent proselytizing of Baha’ism”

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Bahaismiran: The sectarian movements are active and are increasing their activities day by day in the form of a silent proselytizings. If you visit such shops, you will see symbols of Satanism and music deviating groups such as the Metals and etc. Now, these days, the deviant cult of Baha’ism is going to follow the path of a silent proselytizing.

The deviant cult of Baha’ism is exploiting each method to preach false thoughts and beliefs in Iran. It has recently tried to sell thing bearing Baha’i symbols to publicize its proselytizing more. One of these items is jewelry and fake ones bearing Baha phrases and several texts from the Baha’i texts and because they are written in Arabic language the purchaser thinks they are the texts from the holy Quran.

The Baha’is are proselytizing in the cyberspace to sell these products. So, the supervising governmental organizations must be careful about the silent proselytizing of Baha’ism.


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