The Unitarian Baha’is is a branch of the deviant cult of Baha’ism

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The followers of the universal house of justice believe that there isn’t any dispute or difference in Baha’ism and Baha’ism is of the beliefs which doesn’t have any inner differences; but they never tell you that Baha’ism has been divided into more than ten branches. One of these branches is the Unitarian Baha’is.

The Unitarian Baha’is have been the followers of the Excellency Muhammad Ali Effendi and according to the historical evidence they have involved with the Baha’is who have been the followers of Abbas Effendi, Abdul Baha. As Abdul Baha calls his followers as those who are steadfast for covenant; but he calls the Unitarian Baha’is “Covenant breakers”.

Covenant breakers are those who broke their Covenant of organization in the Baha’i faith and were excommunicated from the Baha’i community. The breaking of Covenant means the active opposition of a person against the organization of the Baha’i faith intended by Abdul Baha. According to the Baha’i rules, just the chairman of the Baha’i faith, the universal house of justice, in recent years, is allowed to determine a person as breaker. According to the order by Abdul Baha, when a person is introduced as Covenant breaker to Baha’is, all Baha’i members are expected to avoid having social contacts with him/ her.

In a statement, Abdul Baha considered the aim of excommunication as preserving God’s faith and declared clearly that if a material is being stated harmfully and against the expediencies of the Baha’i faith, he/ she must be excommunicated even if he/ she Abdul Baha’s offspring. Anyway the exited person has turned against Baha’ism due to disability in doing rules and commandments not due to enmity or not accepting orders, he/ she mustn’t be excommunicated. That is, just those who are united with the known enemies of Baha’is or other covenant breakers and those who are against Baha’ism and attack the Baha’i faith can be included as the covenant breakers and excommunicated ones.

The Universal House of Justice issued a message to one of its disciples in English language dated March, 23, 1975:

“When a person declares his acceptance of Bahaullah as a Manifestation of God he becomes a party to the Covenant and accepts the totality of His Revelation. If he then turns round and attacks Bahaullah or the Central Institute of the Faith he violates the Covenant. If this happens every effort is made to help that person to see the illogicality and error of his actions, but if he persists he must, in accordance with the instructions of Bahaullah Himself, be shunned as a covenant- breaker.”

The Unitarian Baha’i movement was born in 1930 in America. The prominent elements of this branch of the deviant cult of Baha’ism are as follows: Eric Estetson   and   Dale Husband



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