Contradiction, falsehood and hypocrisy

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Bahaullah has considered all signs of the emergence of the Excellency Qaem as spiritual and has said that the verse related to the day of judgment:

یَومَ تاتی السماء بدخان مبین

Is related to the period of the emergence of Qaem and considered the phrase دخان مبین as the smoke of people’s illusions! He has stated about the preach and briskness of Babaism faith across the country and the increase of Bab’s faith. On page 48 line 12 he has considered that all those majesty of Bab’s faith are signs of the emergence of divine reverence; but he has forgotten his words on the next 16 pages and said on page 64 Q. 11: “There wasn’t any sign of kingdom; but contrary to that it wasn’t fulfilled and eventually abjectness and inability appeared!!” He confirmed this issue in the book “Eqtedarat” and said: “These oppositions are indicating that the faith hasn’t been strengthened and God’s disciples are few and God’s enemies are many “consequently, Babism hasn’t possessed dominence and reverence at that time; but has lived in extreme hardship and abjection.

However, Baha’ism itself has lived in extreme hidden manner for years as Abdul Baha has considered himself as a Muslim who has prayed in 1329 in Egypt and Alexandria and went to assemblies reciting the tragedies of Karbala. He has also went to group prayer of Sunuies and hasn’t spoken at all about the new religion and according to Dr. Esslement he has participated in Friday prayer and group prayers of Muslims since his death on Nov. 25, 1921. (It is interesting to be noted that group prayer is illegitimate according to Bab and Baha’s faith except for prayers for the dead.) He wasn’t also allowing Farajullah Zaki to publish the book “Aqdas” in Egypt. He has written the history of Babism by the name of the unknown Sayyah.


These are the symbols of contradiction, falseness and hypocrisy.   


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