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The Baha’is of the universal house of justice who consider themselves as the real Baha’is are the violator of the appointed measures of the guardian of the faith according to Rouhieh Maxwell because in fact Rouhieh Maxwell destroyed the system of leadership organized by Shoqi Effendi by an overnight coup and excommunicated Mason Reymi as the chairman of the universal house of justice on behalf of the guardian of the Baha’ism faith and also claimed for being his successor.

Abdul Baha has declared that the succession would be continued to 24 people: “In each era the prophet’s successors and the elected ones have been 12 people; In the Excellency Jacob’s days they were 12 boys and in the Excellency Moses days they were 12 guardians and the heads of offspring and in the Excellency Jesus days, they were 12 disciples and in the Excellency Muhammad (P. H.) days, they were 12 Imams; but in the greatest emergence they are 24 people; two times; because of the greatness of the emergence. These holy souls are sitting on their throne in the presence of God; that is they have eternal kingdom…[1]” However, this succession which was to be in Shoqi Effendi’s generation[2] was stopped due to his sterile.

Consequently, Shoqi Effendi tried to establish the universal house of justice as soon as possible. So, during his lifetime and six years before his death, he established the international Baha’i board or the fetus of the universal house of justice and appointed the American Masson Reimy as the chairman.

Nevertheless after Shoqi Effendi’s death, Rouhiyeh Maxwell (the American wife of Shoqi Effendi) formed 3-people board (including Rouhiyeh Maxwell, John Farabi and Hassan Mouqer Baluouzi) first without paying attention to the board appointed by the Baha’ism guardian Shoqi Effendi. Then, she announced the Baha’i international board founded by Shoqi Effendi as dissolved.

Later on, the 3-people board invited the members of Ayadi Amrullah across the world. They were 27 people. A board of 9-people was established out of them called the board of Ayadi Amrullah resided in the holy land. At the same time, Masson Reymi was excommunicated. All Baha’is across the world were announced not to have any social contacts with him. The national Baha’ism assembly in France which was included by Massion Reymi’s fans was dissolved and other fans were fired from the membership of Baha’ism organization.

Thus, Rouhiyeh Maxwell destroyed the leadership system organized by Shoqi Effendi by a coup and excommunicated Massion Reymi who was appointed by Shoqi Effendi as the chairman of the fetus of the universal house of justice. Abdul Baha had said: “This innovated disciple is based on two pillars: the first and the greatest one is the divine guardianship and the second pillar is the universal house of justice which is the source of legitimacy… it is impossible for the two pillars to be separated from each other.[3]     


[1] Abbas Effendi, Mofavezat, Egypt: Farajullah Zaki-al-Kurdi, 1920 A.D. pp. 44- 46

[2] Abbas Effendi, the will tablets, the national assembly of Baha’is of Pakistan, sterling gardenroud publishing house, November, 1960. pp. 11- 13.

[3] Ishraq Khawari Toqi’a Moni’a dictionary, Bija: The national institute of the faith press, 118 Badi’a, p. 105.

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