Supporting Noushin Ja’fari by Parvaneh Salahshouri

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After the account of the owner of insulter to the holy Imams (peace be upon them) was arrested, a group of anti-Islam and anti-revolution people and celebrities was formed for freedom of her. However, it wasn’t expected for the authorities of the Islamic republic of Iran to oppose the origin of revolution and to defend the enemy of Islam who is related to the Baha’ism organization and the connector of the British embassy!

Noushin Ja’fari, the daughter of Ghodratullah Ja’fari one of the heads of Pan-Iranism party and the deviant cult of Baha’ism who was arrested during 1388 sedition. In addition to insulting the holiness in the cyberspace, she was the connector of the British embassy and Cinema celebrities.[1]

In addition to having close social intercourses with Cinema celebrities, Ja’fari the owner of the account insulting the holy Imams (peace be upon them) and the Lord of the martyrs (P.H.) has had close relationships with politicians.

After Noushin Ja’fari was arrested (dated Mordad, 13, 1398), Parvaneh Salahshouri defended her in the Iranian Parliament.[2]

Once again on Shahrivar, 10, 1398, she defended her in the Parliament again to complete the pressure chain for her freedom, unfortunately!!!


Unfortunately, some politicians haven’t figured out the concept of the national interests!!!




[1] Mashreq correspondence, news title: who is Noushin Ja’fari and why have the Cinema celebrities been afraid of her detention? News code: 983767, dated Mordad, 23, 1398.

[2] Bartarinha correspondence, news title: The speech by Parvaneh Salahshouri

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