Inviting to betraying by Erfan Sabeti

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The deviant cult of Baha’ism as the Spy of Colonialism is preaching betrayal to hometown and destroying the national Zeal and is trying to induce this concept: You should surrender if the Baha’ism lords attack your country or plunder your properties! However, they have never speak about the consequences of people to be prisoned or their properties to be plundered by the aggressives.

One of the delusional Don Quixotes of Baha’ism is the Excellency Erfan Khan Sabeti, one of the proselytizers of Baha’ism and the informal representatives of Baha’ism on TV. debates. Being present in various programs of networks like Radio Farda, Manoto, BBC, VOA and etc.  , he proselytize in favor of Baha’ism based on his lords’ plans.

Recently, Sabeti has stated vain speech regarding defending independence, inviting people to betray their hometown, and the educational materials in kids’ books. His speech include some Baha’ism aims regarding betrayal which has been observed during the history of the cult.

He said: “It is very painful and regrettable for some people to have bigotted tendency towards their hometown to kill for defending their country even those who haven’t special religious concerns.[1]

Of course, it is interesting to be known that betraying hometown and spying are originated from the teachings made by the Colonialism of this cult. As Abdul Baha says: “… If a cruel person tyrannize and attack like a wild wolf, the divine disciples must be surrendered like sheep and not resist; but they must deal sword with nectar. They must suffer from injury and kiss the killer’s hand and be killed in the path of God. They must ask God to forgive the cruel person’s sins.[2]

Because the Baha’i leaders have considered hometown as inferior and the hometown defenders as rippers (dogs):


" لیس الفخر یحب الوطن بل الفخر لمن یحب العالم."

“God created the creatures in the same Earth to accommodate them; but the human beings divided it like dogs…[3]


Yes, the deviant cult of Baha’ism as the Colonialism Spy preaches betrayal to hometown and destroys national Zeal and tries to induce this concept that if the Baha’ism lords attack to your country, you must surrender! As Fardoust said: “The Baha’is I observed weren’t Iranian and it was quite sensible. They were intrinsically spies.[4]



[1] Jam News news website, the news title: inviting to betray hometown by Erfan Sabeti the leader of Baha’ism proselytizers, news code: 904449, dated 1397/ 04/ 25.

[2] Abbas Effendi, Makatib, Egypt: attempted by Farajullah Zakiul Kurdi, 1921 A.D. 1st edition, vol. 3, pp. 123- 124.

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[4] Hussein Fardoust, the emergence and falling Pahlavi kingdom, Bija: Ettela’at, 1370 S.H. vol. 1, p. 282.

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