Pretending to be oppressed by the Baha’is and the obstinate media

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Bahaismiran: How do the various communities confront and smash cults?

 Everywhere in the world, violating the laws of countries are defined as the criminal measure are is pursued, of course. Obeying the laws of each country is important.

 Across the world, crimes like the proselytizing of deviating cults, acting against the national security and intriguing to riot and etc. are pursued.

In Iran; based on the Constitution of the country, proselytizing of the deviant cults and holding their ceremonies are considered as crimes because they agitate the general minds and the security threats are assumed as crimes.

Anyway, the obstinate media such as Amad News, Harana and etc support the criminal measures of these cults and pretend them to be oppressed.

In the forged prophet of Baha’ism’s commandments, respecting laws has been emphasized and; for this reason, the forged prophet of Baha’ism has advised the followers of the Baha’i cult not to meddle with policy and not to create any tension against the ruling government.

Why does the universal house of justice organization intrigue the Baha’i followers to conflict against the system of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran like 1388 elections?  

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