The teachings which Bab was bravely following them!

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The leadership foundation of Baha’ism introduced Ali Muhammad Bab as a brave person who was fallowing unity, advancement and opening science treasures. However, how is it possible for a person who didn’t step in the path of expanding science and development and also prevented applying the existent sciences to be able to follow Baha’ism organization claims?!

The Baha’ism leadership foundation, the universal house of justice mentioned some features and characteristics of Ali Muhammad Shirazi in a message dated October 2019 on the occasion of Ali Muhammad Bab’s birthday. It is stated in the message that Ali Muhammad Shirazi was bravely following the teachings like advancement and opening science treasuries: “ These two luminous miens (Bab and Baha) started new phase of the social evolution: The phase of the unity of all humane descendents. The spiritual powers and a new life which were blown by these holy bodies. Its consequences are clear in transformations acquired so far. The materialistic civilization has advanced tremendously and wonderful achievements obtained in sciences and techniques and the humane accumulated science treasuries have been quite opened.[1]


The answer to the declarations of the Baha’ism organization:

1)   Ali Muhammad Bab left no work but illuted and meaningless matters. As a matter of fact; Ali Muhammad Shirazi not only didn’t step towards progress and opening science treasuries; but also prevented applying the existent sciences such as medicine for human convinience.[2]


2)   The emergence of Bab’s claim not only didn’t flourish the material sciences; but also confessed his ignorance towards the most commonplace issues of religious, historical and … sciences although he was educated contrary to the divine prophets.[3] He merely said false and illuted matters called inspiration to his addresses.[4]


3)   The Baha’ism organization introduces Ali Muhammad Bab as the inaugurator of a new phase of humane evolution entitled unity; as if it hasn’t studied the Bab’s works even once! As a matter of fact, how is it possible for a person who has issued the order of confiscating properties of his opponents and has permitted the world people to select being Babi or death to be the proclaimer of unity of mankind[5]?! Yes, if unity means merely the union of followers[6], the Excellency Bab will look for unity by issuing the order of destroying the opponents and their works![7]


[1] The message of the universal house of justice on the occasion of birthday of Ali Muhammad Bab dated: October 2019 A.D. p. 2.

[2] "انتم الدّواء ثم المسکرات و نوعها تملکون و لا تَتَّبِعُون و لا تشترون  و لا تستعلمون الاّ بما انتم تحبّون ان تصنعون"

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[4] For more studies refer to the article: Did Ali Muhammad Bab achieve Sorraya [Plelades] science?!

[5] For more studies refer to the article: A unilateral glance at Babism movement in Qajar dynasty.

[6] Ishraq Khawari, the heavenly food, Bija: the national institute of the faith press, 129 Badi’a, vol. 4, p. 353.

[7] For more studies refer to the article: Answering to a criticism of the repentance letter of Ali Muhammad Bab.

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