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Following the only path An interview with Mrs. Mahshid Ziya’ee

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Mrs. Ziyaee announced his separation from Baha’ism publicly in one of the newspapers with a wide circulation in the country. The process of turning to Islam by Baha’is has intensified during the recent years and former Baha’is have turned to Islam announcing officially.

On Fall, 1395 S.H. many followers of the deviant cult of Baha’ism turned against Baha’ism and selected the kind religion of Islam. Because they had grown in families in which they had no right to select and they were always keeping out of the heavenly teachings of Islam. Mrs. Ziayee also announced her separation from the Baha’ism cult on Azar, 2, 1395.



An Interview with Mrs. Ziyaee:


Q: were you born in a family in which you didn’t possess the right of selection like other Baha’ism followers?

A.  Yes, I was born in a wealthy Baha’i family in 1348 as the baby of the family. So, I was always paid attention by my father. For this reason, I was supported financially and spiritually.


Q: Explain about your teenage years and your curious mind?

A.  There many questions in my mind; such as: The Muslims across the world are waiting for the reappearance of Imam of the Time (May Allah hasten his reappearance) for justice to be expanded all over the world; while the Baha’is say Imam of the Time is the very Bab himself who has announced his faith in Shiraz and has been martyred in Tabriz city. My question is that: why wouldn’t justice be expanded in the world if Imam of the Time appeared?


Q: Mrs. Ziyaee, did you find answers for your questions?

A.  When the Baha’ism organization faced my questions decided to make me busy with the organization. They gave me some responsibilities such as supervision of receptions, nursery schools called Golshan Towhid and etc.


Q: what’s happened after you turned against Baha’ism?

A.  During this period of time, the Baha’i heads were making appointments with me and saying they should use me more due to my organizational backgrounds; but I were keeping myself out of them.


Q: Explain about your excommunication?

A.  They forced my mother, father, sister, brother, husband and every my offspring to leave me forever. In 1394, I had a hard life so I decide to divorce.

Then, I spoke with my sister and said: I want to be Muslim; “but she maddened and said: “No, don’t do that, please. Go and remove your name. “However, I wasn’t disappointed. I was firm in my decision. Thus, I called the Baha’i heads and said: “I want to be separated from the cult. “They blazed and said: “what a pity. Don’t do that. If you listen to us; we will make you promote more.”


Q: State your first step of you turning to Islam?

A.  I went to Mashhad city, the holy shrine of Imam Reza (P.H.) and turned to Islam in the presence of a young clergyman. Then, I announced it publicly in Ettela’at newspaper on Azar, 2, 1395.








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