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The Baha’is suffering

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How can the behavior of the forged prophet of Baha’ism be justified?!

·        Hussein Ali Nouri writes addressing Nikolayvich Alexander P:

“One of your ambassadors helped me when I had been chained in Tehran prison. For this reason, God allocated you a rank which nobody knows its dignity. (Baha’ism in Iran, p. 148)


·        Prayings for the Ottoman Pashas, English kings and generals were of the actions done by the chairman of the Baha’ism cult. He asked his followers to pray them due to supporting and saving him. According to the Baha’is confessions, the ambassedors of England, France and several Colonial governments asked them to accept their countries’ support and citizenship. (The comprehensive history of Baha’ism, p. 328)


Anyway, the origin of flattery and toady of Baha’is can be searched in their leaders’ gaits. Nowadays, the remainders of the deviant cult of Baha’ism are trying to attract the obstinate countries of Iran and to deceive unaware people by pretending to be oppressed.

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