The organization’s order for disobeying the rules aiming leading the followers of this cult against the system of government

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 The Baha’ism leadership foundation intrigued and charged the Iranian Baha’is to break laws and expand civil disobedience entitled the extensive proselytizing of this cult in the country in its message dated Aban, 2, 1398, October, 24, 2019.[1] This Baha’ism organization approach is considered as a kind of announcing war against the Iranian Muslim government and nation with the excuse of the anniversary of birthday of its leaders alongside with creating insulting files.


The answer to the Baha’ism organization approach:

1)   Why does the Baha’ism organization try to force the Iranian Baha’is to proselytize neighbors, co-workers and relatives from Israel to confront against the Islamic community?!


2)   It is worthy to ask those who live in the universal house of justice, Heyfa: Have you sent such message for the Baha’is of Israel in order to proselytize for Israeli follow citizen?! Why has the universal house of justice tries to compensate its proselytizing programs by confronting against the Islamic community and government contrary to the Baha’ism teachings concerning obeying the government [2]; but proselytizing each Israeli person is forbidden (outside and inside the occupied lands): “when you realize that a person to whom you are speaking and chatting is from Israel, you should keep in touch with him/ her in a friendly manner; but you mustn’t teach him/ her the Baha’ism teachings… The Baha’is don’t teach this creed in Israel. Also, Baha’ism isn’t being taught to Israeli people who are living abroad or are going to return to Israel.[3]

Now, why there will be an exception if Baha’ism proselytizing is a divine duty?!

Nowadays, Baha’ism is serving Israel and is considered as an exported religion of it. It is hypocrisy.


3)   The evangelical proselytizing of the religious minorities and trying to dismissing Muslims out of their religion is criminal and illegal in Iran.


4)    Although the Baha’ism cult has been recognized as a deviant one[4] and proselytizing for it aiming tempting Muslims is forbidden; but Baha’ism is an organization which is serving the Zionist and the universal authoritarian system of government more than a deviant belief. The treacheries of this organization against the free nations have been proved many times.[5]


[1] The Baha’ism leadership foundation message dated Aban, 2, 1398.

[2] Refer to Ishraq Khawari, the treasury of limitations and commandments, the electronic copy, pp. 335- 336.

[3] The leadership foundation of Baha’ism, the universal house of justice answering to the latter dated June, 25, 1995.

[4] Refer to Muhammad Ali Taskhiri, Taqarir An Al-Mo’atamerat Al- Dolliyah Mehwar Al-Awwal Maq’a Mo’atemarat Majma’ Al-Feqh Al-Islamiah, 1st edition, 1424 A.H. pp. 326- 327.

[5] For more studies refer to the articles: Baha’ism and the Colonialism.

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