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The terrorist’s birthday

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Ali Muhammad Bab’s works are full of savagery and brutality. He calls his followers to “behead the opponents, burn non-Babi books and not to have any social intercourses with other nations[1], to destroy non-Babi holy shrines and to massacre those who don’t believe in Babism[2]”. He orders the Babi ruler of a country to kill all non-Babis on the earth![3]




Based on orders by Ali Muhammad Shirazi, the Babis committed extensive savegery and brutality and bloodshed.

The forged prophet of Baha’ism has been Babi at first and contributed all savegeries of this tribe. It is surprizing that the Baha’is celebrate birthday of such character and attract people to Baha’ism?!

The answer is obvious. Like before, they hide their real faces by lying and praise what is desirable for them by deviating history.


[1] Effendi, Abbas, tablets and wills, p. 294.

[2] Effendi, Abbas, Makatib, vol. 2, p. 266.

[3] Husseini Tabatabaee, Mostafa, the adventure of Bab and Baha, Tehran: Rah-e-Nikan, 1393, p. 90/ 11

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